Wisconsin Sports Betting & Wagering (April 2024)

Legal Sports Betting in Wisconsin

Some sports betting sites have been offering, for over a decade, online betting services for Wisconsin enthusiasts. Their products are developed to offer a wide variety of sports and betting types, as well as promotions and special offers. However, in the truest sense, these have not received authorization to operate in the state. In other words, they do not have a license from any gaming regulator in Wisconsin.

The main focus in Wisconsin is on the four major sports – football, basketball, baseball and ice hockey. The lines for these sports are competitive, and by looking around, you can find excellent values. In addition to the main lines, there are also previews, parlays and season-long bets.

Wisconsin betting sites often offer separate sections for horse racing. This ranges from detailed coverage of all races to a focus on big events, such as the Breeders Cup. You will often find that the promotional offers are different between the horse racing and sports betting sections of the sites.

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Steps to Start Legal Wisconsin Sports Betting

There still has not been an introduction of legal sports betting in Wisconsin, although it is coming soon. The state’s lawmakers have signed new gaming compacts with the tribes that are federally recognized in Wisconsin, and these will be able to offer sports betting. Commercial sportsbooks, however, still will not be allowed.

Mobile Betting Apps in Wisconsin

When Wisconsin approved sports betting in the state, it did not include a provision for online wagers. For now, the only option would be a visit to a land-based casino, and this, too, does not provide significant alternatives for sports bettors.

Physical Locations to Bet on Sports in Wisconsin

Until Wisconsin and more of its tribes sign new gaming compacts, physical sportsbooks won’t be very common. As of November 2021, the Oneida Nation remains the only tribe to have reached an agreement with Wisconsin to update its gaming compact.

According to the compact, the tribe can only offer sports betting on its own land, and only on land where it has at least one commercial building. The Oneida have several gaming facilities, but only one on tribal property.

Oneida Casino Green Bay

The Oneida Casino will initially have a temporary sports betting location ready to accept wagers. Subsequently, it will open a larger sportsbook that will offer both sports betting windows and kiosks. The numbers for the sportsbook, as of November 1, 2021, still have not been released.

Future Wisconsin Sports Betting Venues & Locations

It isn’t likely that Wisconsin will see additional sports betting properties soon. The other tribes in the state, of which there are 10, have been proactively seeking ways to introduce sportsbooks.

The introduction of online sports betting is essentially impossible. Both of the legislative chambers would first need to agree to online sports betting language in consecutive sessions, which has already proved difficult, before a change to the state’s constitution would be allowed. Then, for the change to become permanent, it would have to be approved by voters.

Wisconsin Sports Betting Regulation & Laws

There isn’t a lot of oversight of Wisconsin’s sports betting industry, since the industry is virtually non-existent. There is no gaming regulator because the Oneida Nation is a sovereign state. The only regulations are enforced through the gaming compact between Wisconsin and the tribe. Specifically, the Third Amendment to the Oneida Nation and State of Wisconsin Gaming Compact of 1991.

The compact is flexible; however, it made one exception clear. Like what has been seen in other states, placing wagers on Wisconsin college teams is prohibited.

What are the Tax Rates for the Retail and Online Sports Betting Operators in WI

The tribal gaming compact between Wisconsin and the Oneida Tribe specifies that the tribe will pay the same rate to the state in revenue as it does for its casino activity. Currently, that rate is between 4.5% and 5%, depending on the total revenue.

Legal Sports Betting Timeline

  • January 7, 2019: Tony Evers becomes governor of Wisconsin and begins working on a tribal gaming compact that would include a sports betting component.
  • July 1, 2021: Wisconsin lawmakers approve in-person sports betting. Governor Evers and 11 tribes sign new gaming compacts in the state.
  • July 13, 2021: The Oneida Nation announces fall launch of sports betting.

List of Sports Wagers Allowed in Wisconsin

Once sports betting gets started in Wisconsin, all of the “standard” sports will be covered. There will also be access to certain secondary markets, such as table tennis, snooker and others.

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Mixed martial arts
  • Motorsports
  • Soccer
  • Tennis

Wisconsin Sports betting Bonuses & Bonus Codes

Because there is yet to be any official launch of sports betting in Wisconsin, what bonus codes or bonuses that might be offered aren’t clear. It’s obvious that the Oneida Nation, and other tribes when they launch sports betting activity, will look to attract new customers as quickly as possible. This means that bonuses are likely, despite no competitive market.


Wisconsin Promos, Promo Codes and Promotions

As with the bonuses and bonus codes, there isn’t any data yet on the promotions and promo codes that might appear in Wisconsin’s limited sports betting market. There’s a good chance that some will be added as the Oneida Nation prepares to launch its retail sportsbook; however, since online sports betting isn’t going to be legalized anytime soon, promotions will be limited.

Best WI Sports Betting Cities

There are two cities that come to mind when Wisconsin and sports are used in the same sentence. The state has a massive population of sports fans and, by virtue, sports bettors, but a lot of the attention only focuses on two places.


Milwaukee is home to two pro sports teams, which is why it receives a lot of attention. It’s also known for its nightlife and bustling atmosphere, which often pull locals into the streets for parties and other festivities.

Green Bay

Green Bay is home to a pro sports team, as well, the NFL’s Green Bay Packers. With a huge fan base that extends across the country, the team has brought a lot of attention to the city.

WI Teams to Bet On

When exploring professional sports teams in Wisconsin, three names immediately come to mind. The trio has had limited success in their respective leagues over the years and continue to attract a lot of attention from sports bettors.

Milwaukee Brewers

The Brewers are an MLB team that has been around since 1969. They currently play their home games at American Family Field, where they have been located since 2001, and have been part of the National League’s Central Division since 1998. Before that, they were in the American League, initially as part of the West Division, then the East, then the Central.

Brewers’ fans are notorious for being fiercely loyal. The team hasn’t had a great deal of success in the league, though, and has never won a National League pennant or a World Series title. It took the National League Central Division title in 2021, the closest it has come to a pennant in recent years.

Milwaukee Bucks

The NBA’s Bucks first appeared in 1968 as an expansion team and are in the Eastern Conference’s Central Division. They play their home games at Fiserv Forum and have had significant success over the years. Their first Conference title was in 1971, followed by two more in 1974 and 2021.

Two of those titles – in 1971 and 2021 – led to NBA championships. The Bucks have become one of the most-watched teams in recent history, recruiting some of the best players to have entered the NBA.

Green Bay Packers

The Packers are the oldest professional sports team in Wisconsin, first arriving in 1919 as the Indian Packers. They are part of the National Football Conference’s North Division now, but have been involved in almost every conference or division since they began. Playing out of Lambeau Field, the Packers are repeat champions with a strong following.

The Packers, since becoming part of the North Division, have won 11 division titles, three conference championships and four Super Bowls. Their most recent Super Bowl win was in 2010, but they have a total of 13 league championships that date back to before the National Football League merged with the American Football League in 1970.

Wisconsin Sports Betting Revenue Numbers

Because Wisconsin has yet to introduce legal sports betting, there is no revenue to provide. The state will initially have a small sports betting footprint, which will delay a sizable return on the activity.

Quick Glance at Wisconsin Gambling & Industries

Wisconsin is moving slowly with sports betting and doesn’t offer many other forms of gambling, either. However, there are other options that are readily available, and legal, to provide betting entertainment.

Wisconsin Horse Racing Status

Horse racing is legal in Wisconsin, with several tracks located across the state. Betting on the races is also legal, and several of the tribes offer racebooks. There are no permanent tracks in the state; however, races will often take place at county fairs and other events.

DFS / Daily Fantasy Sports in Wisconsin

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) isn’t officially on the books as a legal activity in Wisconsin. However, it’s not listed as illegal, either. It’s possible to participate in DFS contests from other locations, provided access to the platforms is available. Initiatives have been introduced to legalize DFS in the state, but none has succeeded.

WI Online Casino Play

Wisconsin currently does not offer legal online casinos. To introduce them, several major legislative roadblocks would have to be overcome, and it doesn’t appear that lawmakers will approach online casinos in the state anytime soon.

Wisconsin Online Lottery

Wisconsin doesn’t allow players to purchase lottery tickets online. They can only be purchased at approved retail Wisconsin Lottery stores.

Wisconsin Poker Rules

Wisconsin doesn’t permit real-money poker games, but poker rooms can be found at most tribal casinos in the state. In addition, social poker is available in Wisconsin elsewhere, as long as the venue doesn’t receive a rake for hosting the games.

Wisconsin Esports Scene

As with most other forms of gambling, esports betting is currently not allowed in Wisconsin. However, like DFS, it is possible to place wagers on esports tournaments and games under certain conditions.

How to Become a Sports Betting Affiliate in Wisconsin 

There currently aren’t any options to become a sports betting affiliate in Wisconsin. It is possible to be an affiliate in the state for sportsbooks in other states, but Wisconsin’s lack of online gaming options makes having an affiliate program unnecessary.

FAQ for Wisconsin Betting

Is it legal to bet on sports in WI?

Legal sports betting is going to be launched by the Oneida Tribe, but, at first, only retail sports betting will be allowed.

Does Wisconsin offer mobile sports betting or retail only?

Wisconsin will only offer retail sports betting initially.

Can I sign up to bet on sports in WI remotely or do I have to physically visit the retail sportsbook location?

Signing up to place sports wagers in Wisconsin is not necessary since there are no online options. However, it might be necessary to register at a physical sportsbook in order to receive any payouts.

Who regulates WI sports betting?

There is no gaming regulator in Wisconsin. With the initial rollout of sports betting going to occur only by the Oneida Nation at one casino, its gaming compact with the state governs the activity.

When was Wisconsin sports betting legalized?

Wisconsin legalized sports betting in July 2021

Who placed the first bet in the state of WI?

There still has not been a first bet as of November 1, 2021.

Can you bet on “in-state” college games in Wisconsin?

College sports games and events are not covered by the state’s gaming compact with the tribes.

Are wagers for all professional sports leagues and teams accepted in WI?

Wagers on all professional sports in the US, as well as many international leagues, will be allowed.

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