New York Sports Betting & Wagering (April 2024)

Legal Sports Betting in New York

Sports betting was illegal in the United States from 1992-2018 because of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. New York’s border state, New Jersey, fought hard to have PASPA overturned and they were successful.

New York enacted sports betting long before 2019 in preparation for the PASPA decision because legislators knew that the form of gambling was going to eventually come to fruition. 

The sports betting legislative history in New York dates back to 2009 when the first sports betting bill was proposed in the Senate.

This bill stalled, but sports betting was legalized in New York in 2013 when voters passed a referendum bill that allowed for a gaming expansion package in the state. 

This gaming package that was passed in the referendum vote included the building of four new casinos in upstate New York as well as retail sports betting.

The retail sports betting framework was decided in 2019 prior to the launch of the state’s landlocked betting properties. 

New York does not offer mobile betting which has been a point of contention since sports betting was passed in 2013.

However, in 2021 Governor Cuomo stated his desire to pass a mobile sports betting bill so the state could reap the benefits of mobile gambling through tax revenue. Although Governor Cuomo wants to launch a single state lottery run, mobile sportsbook in the state.

Border states like Pennsylvania and New Jersey, both have massive sports betting markets with countless providers so this could be devastating if Governor Cuomo does not change his mind on the subject.

Governor Cuomo has not always been a mobile sports betting advocate so this change of heart is one positive for bettors throughout New York. 

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Steps to Start Legal New York Sports Betting

New York only offers retail betting so you must register for a sports betting account in person. There are eight casinos in the state that offer retail sportsbooks to visitors. You do not need to be a NY resident to bet in the state.

To register for a sports betting account, you must be at a retail sportsbook and be at least 21 years of age. When you arrive at a retail sportsbook, you will be able to register on a betting kiosk or at a betting window with a real person.

You will need to prove that you are of legal age to start betting. When you finish setting up your account, make your first deposit and start testing your luck on sports.

  1. Make sure you are at least 21 years of age.
  2. Proceed to one of the state’s five retail sportsbooks.
  3. Register for an account on a betting kiosk or at a betting window.
  4. Make your first deposit.
  5. Start betting on sports!

Mobile Betting Apps in New York

Mobile sports betting is not legal in New York. This is expected to change in the 2021 legislative session. Governor Cuomo has the idea of limiting mobile sports betting to a single state run app, but this is not a finalized plan. If New York allowed for multiple mobile skins, it could become one of the largest sports betting markets in the United States. BetRivers, BetMGM, Bet365, DraftKings, FanDuel, and Caesars Sportsbook would be the most likely mobile books to first launch in NY. These platforms all have partnerships to run retail sportsbooks at the state’s casinos. 

Physical Locations to Bet on Sports in New York

New York has eight sportsbooks that are located at the state regulated commercial and tribal casinos. 


Resorts World Catskills 

Resorts World Catskills is in Monticello, New York. The sports betting property at the casino is called Sportsbook 360. The betting partner at Sportsbook 360 is Bet365. The sportsbook is 6,000 square feet and it’s surrounded by a 360 degree television arc with 32 screens. Bet 360 also has a 9 ft by 16 ft HD screen. Players can wager on 21 sports betting kiosks or at Bet 360’s betting counter. 

Rivers Casino and Resort Schenectady 

The Rivers Sportsbook in Schenectady is run by BetRivers. Rivers Sportsbooks has a luxurious design throughout the property. VIP club chairs and table seating are scattered all over the sportsbook. Rivers Sportsbook has five private booths that fit up to six people so this is a perfect place to party while watching the game. There is a 53 foot LED video wall and an additional 22 betting kiosks covering the sides of the room. Bettors can wager on 14 betting kiosks or at six staffed betting windows.

Del Lago Resort and Casino

DraftKings Sportsbook at Del Lago Resort and Casino is very popular in New York because of the presenting sponsor. DraftKings is one of the biggest names in legal sports betting. The DraftKings Sportsbook is over 6,000 square feet so there is plenty of space for visitors. The property includes 23 betting kiosks and four betting windows. DraftKings provides 1,000 square feet of LED video screens and a full restaurant. Del Lago offers a complete sports betting experience at their casino. 

Tioga Downs Casino

FanDuel Sportsbook at Tioga Downs is similar to DraftKings Sportsbook at Del Lago. FanDuel does not disappoint when it comes to its retail sportsbook at Tioga Downs. The property is only 2,600 square feet, but there are 27 video monitors, twelve lounge seats, eight betting windows, three sports tickers, and a full bar. Tioga Downs has maximized the space inside its FanDuel Sportsbook. 

Turning Stone Resort and Casino

Turning Stone Casino in Verona offers the The Lounge that’s run by Caesars Sports. The employees that work inside this property are passionate about sports betting. This rubs off on every visitor who ventures to the property. The Lounge features a breathtaking 500 square foot curved LED video board. This screen is visible from three different sides of the sportsbook. Enjoy the game in The Lounge’s array of custom made luxury seating. 

Yellow Brick Road Casino

The Lounge at Yellow Brick Road Casino is the largest sportsbook in New York state. The book delivers in more ways than one. There is a 32 foot custom built video wall inside the sportsbook. An additional 30 HDTVs are scattered throughout the book. Six of these HDTVs are 85 inches. Inside The Lounge, there is a full sports bar and slot machines to add to the sports wagering excitement. 

Point Place Casino 

Caesars Entertainment runs the sportsbook at Point Place Casino in Bridgeport, NY. The property has a 24 foot high resolution video wall and an additional 30 LED TV screens around the sportsbook. The game can be viewed on the wide variety of seating included in the book while you are enjoying a drink from Point Place’s full bar.

Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Resort

The Sticks Sportsbook and Grill inside Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Resort is an average sportsbook. The property has a 9 ft by 13 ft HD video wall and 18, 65” televisions. A large odds board is constantly running inside the facility which helps with live betting. The grill, which features gameday favorites and craft beer, is the primary reason to visit Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Resort if you want to bet on sports.


Future New York Sports Betting Venues & Locations

New York has a lot of potential locations for retail sportsbooks. Sports betting is only allowed in state sanctioned commercial and tribal casinos. New York has a rich horse racing history so there are multiple racetracks in the state that could potentially open sportsbooks if a law was passed in the state legislature. New York could also expand retail sports betting to bars and restaurants throughout the state. If this occurred in New York City, the state’s sports betting market would extensively grow. Finally, professional sports stadiums like Yankee Stadium and Citi Field would be great venues for retail sportsbooks. 

  • Racetracks 
  • Bars 
  • Restaurants 
  • Icahn Stadium
  • Yankee Stadium
  • Citi Field
  • Madison Square Garden 
  • Bills Stadium 
  • KeyBank Center

New York Sports Betting Regulation & Laws

New York sports betting discussions began in 2009 when Senator Eric Adams introduced the state’s first sports betting bill. The bill was titled S 6061 and it attempted to implement retail sportsbooks at racetracks and off track horse betting facilities. 

The tax revenue would have been used to improve the areas near the betting facilities. Although, the bill stalled in committee.

In 2011 and 2012, both chambers of the NY legislature began to consider sports betting. Senator Adams introduced a new bill, S 3708, in 2011.

Assemblyman David Weprin proposed a supporting bill that was very similar to Senator Adams legislation. A 10464 expanded on Adams’ bill to include collegiate wagering and he decided to allocate tax revenue to the state’s educational systems. 

Senator Tony Avella proposed a third bill in 2012 titled S 7401. This bill was used to support the other two pieces of legislation, but it was unsuccessful. 

All three of the bills did not advance out of committee, but they were reintroduced in 2013. In 2013, sports betting and the construction of four casinos in upstate NY were approved in a referendum vote.

The 2013 ballot included a referendum vote and New York residents made their voices heard in terms of sports betting.

57% of the state’s voters approved a gaming expansion. The casinos were opened within five years of the bill passing. Although, none of the properties included sports betting when they opened because the Professional and Amatuer Sports Protection Act was still in place.

PASPA prevented widespread legalized sports betting in the United States. Senator Adams introduced another piece of sports betting legislation in 2013 to try to enact regulations around the form of gambling. This bill was S 2411 and it was identical to his previous two bills.

This was the final time that Senator Adams introduced a bill. Assemblyman Weprin and Senator Avella filed their bills in 2013, but they both stalled in committee. This caused them to reintroduce the pieces of legislation once again in 2015. A 3080 and S 940 were respectively introduced by these two in 2015. 

The bills stalled once again. The goal of the bills were to expand retail sportsbooks to racetracks and off track betting facilities. In 2016, the state passed Daily Fantasy Sports regulations, but Adams and Avella had no luck on the side of sports betting. 

In 2016, New York Assemblyman J. Gary Pretlow backed sports betting. This was a huge milestone because he was the Chairman of the Assembly’s Racing and Wagering Committee.

He was the key for a sports betting bill to pass through his committee. After he stated his concerns, lawmakers in both chambers filed matching sports betting bills with the goal of allowing sportsbooks at racetracks and off track betting facilities. 

The NBA joined the fight to legalize widespread New York sports betting in 2018. They called for a 1% integrity fee on the state’s sports betting efforts.

Still, no bills were legalized. Sports betting would still be restricted to the state’s sanctioned casinos pending the end of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act.

This continued to be a recurring theme through 2020. More efforts were made to expand sports betting including online wagering, but every attempt was ruled out.

Senator Joseph Addabbo, the new head of the Assembly’s Racing and Wagering Committee, is at the forefront of the state’s fight for mobile sports betting. In 2019, he proposed S 17, but this bill failed as well. 

In 2021, New York sports betting is expected to expand with Governor Cuomo now favoring mobile sports wagering. The New York State Gaming Commission oversees sports betting in the state. 

What are the Tax Rates for the Retail and Online Sports Betting Operators in NY 

New York sports betting is reasonably taxed by the state. However, it must be noted that there are no legalized mobile betting options. Retail books do not make as much money as mobile sportsbooks. Therefore, NY had to compromise with their tax rates to allow casinos to benefit. New York retail sports betting is taxed at 8.5%. Mobile wagering through Daily Fantasy Sports is slightly higher than this figure. Mobile forms of gambling are taxed at 12.5%.

Legal New York Sports Betting Timeline

  • Senator Eric Adams introduced the first New York sports betting bill in 2009.
  • In 2011 and 2012, both legislative chambers in New York began to consider sports betting.
  • Retail sports betting in the state’s casinos was legalized by a referendum vote in 2013. 
  • Efforts to expand sports betting were proposed every year from 2013-2020.
  • In 2021, Governor Cuomo stated that he supported mobile sports betting. This has given bettors hope that a mobile bill will be passed at some point during the year’s legislative session.

List of Sports Wagers Allowed in New York

  • Moneyline: Choosing a specific winner. 
  • Point spread: The margin of a team’s victory or loss. 
  • Totals: The number of points scored in a contest. 
  • Props: Side wagers on things that may happen. Props are very broad. 
  • Live betting: Bets that take place during the game with odds that are constantly changing. 
  • Futures: A bet on a future outcome.
  • Parlays: Group wagers that are often from different events. All legs must hit for a successful bet.
  • Teasers: Spread or total bets where the bettor can put the odds in their favor. 

New York Sports betting Bonuses & Bonus Codes

New York sports wagering has a unique betting format because there is no mobile betting allowed in the state. Therefore, all bonuses must be redeemed in person at a retail sportsbook. Most books offer bonuses for new players that are similar to online bonuses in other states. NY sports betting is still known for great bonuses. New players at New York sportsbooks will typically receive a deposit bonus or a risk free bet. This varies depending on the location of the sportsbook.


New York Sports Betting Promos, Promo Codes and Promotions

New York sports betting offers recurring promotions throughout the year. Even though there is no NY mobile wagering, sportsbooks in the state still deliver when it comes to promotions. New York has an array of professional sports teams. If any of these teams have a big game on the schedule, make sure to check your local NY sportsbook. Also, New York sports wagering platforms will offer promotions on other big events that occur in the sports world like the Super Bowl or the World Series. Promotions vary, but these bonuses will often be odds boosts or early parlay payouts. 


Best NY Sports Betting Cities

Legal NY sports betting mainly takes place in the upstate regions of New York. Legal sports betting in New York City is nonexistent which is costing the state a lot of money in tax revenue. Some of the biggest sports betting cities in NY are Kiamesha Lake, Chittenango, and Schenectady.

Kiamesha Lake 

Kiamesha Lake is only two hours from New York City. Resorts World Catskills Casino is frequented by New York City bettors. Bettors that wager at the Catskills in Kiamesha Lake favor New York City franchises. The betting location at the casino is Bet 360.


Chittenango is two and a half hours outside of Buffalo so bettors in this area love the Buffalo Sabres and the Buffalo Bills. The Yellow Brick Casino in Chittenango features the largest retail sportsbook in the state of New York. The betting experience at Yellow Brick Casino is worth the trip if you are an avid bettor.


Schenectady is a little less than three hours outside of New York City. Bettors in this area favor the New York City franchises instead of the upstate teams. Many city residents travel to Schenectady to visit the Rivers Casino. The Rivers Casino offers a sportsbook that features countless televisions and one of the best betting experiences in New York sports betting. 

NY Teams to Bet On

There are 13 professional sports teams that compete in New York across a variety of leagues. College sports betting is legal in New York as well. There are 22 Division I collegiate athletic programs in New York.

Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills were established in 1959. The team competes in the AFC East Division of the NFL. The team has won four AFC Championships, but the Bills have never won a Super Bowl Championship.

New York Giants

The New York Giants play in New Jersey, but they are a NY state favorite. The team shares MetLife Stadium with the Jets. The Giants were established 95 years ago. The team is a member of the NFC East and they have won four Super Bowl Championships.

New York Jets 

The New York Jets were founded in 1959. They play in MetLife Stadium with the Giants, but they are a member of the AFC East. The team won Super Bowl III when Joe Namath was leading the squad at quarterback.

New York Mets

The Mets play in Queens, NY. They are a member of the National League East Division of the MLB. The Mets have won two World Series titles and five NL pennants.

New York Yankees

The York Yankees are one of the most prestigious franchises in the MLB. The Yankees have won 27 World Series titles and 40 American League pennants. The team has been playing in the new Yankee Stadium in the Bronx since the 2009 season. 

Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets play in the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. The franchise has never won an NBA title, but they have won the Eastern Conference twice.

New York Knicks 

The Knicks play in the heart of New York City inside Madison Square Garden. The Knicks are in the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference. New York has won two NBA Championships and four conference titles.

New York Liberty 

The New York Liberty share Madison Square Garden with the Knicks. The Liberty play in the Eastern Conference of the WNBA. The team has won four Eastern Conference Championships, but they have not been able to win a league title.

Buffalo Sabres

The Buffalo Sabres play in the East Division of the NHL. Their home is the KeyBank Center. The Sabres have never won a Stanley Cup, but they have claimed three Eastern Conference Championships.

New York Islanders 

The New York Islanders call Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, NY, home. The Islanders play in the NHL’s East Division. The Islanders have won six Eastern Conference titles and four Stanley Cup trophies. 

New York Rangers

The Rangers play in the historic Madison Square Garden. The Rangers compete in the East Division like the other two NHL teams in New York. The Rangers have won four Stanley Cups and seven East Division titles. 

New York Red Bulls 

The New York Red Bulls play in the Eastern Conference of the MLS. They were founded in 1997 and they call Red Bull Arena in Harrison, NJ, home.

New York City FC

The New York City FC play inside Yankee Stadium. The team was founded in 2013. They compete in the Eastern Conference of the MLS. 

New York Sports Betting Revenue Numbers

New York sports betting books were closed from March until September because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This should be noted when the state’s low revenue numbers are judged. In October 2020, New York generated $2,623,464 in sports betting revenue. This was the highest total since retail sportsbooks reopened. 

  • October 2020: $2,623,464
  • November 2020: $2,619,676
  • December 2020: $2,258,771

Quick Glance at New York Gambling & Industries

New York does not have a prominent sports betting market, but the state favors other forms of gambling like horse racing and Daily Fantasy Sports. 

New York Horse Racing Status

New York has always relied on horse race betting. Horse racing started in New York in 1838. The state has multiple racing facilities including Aqueduct Race Track which is in Queens. The seating area holds 20,000 people. Another famous track is Saratoga. This track opened in 1864.

DFS / Daily Fantasy Sports in New York

Daily Fantasy Sports was legalized in New York in 2016 when Attorney General Eric Schneiderman noted that DraftKings and FanDuel were unregulated gambling venues. A bill was passed the following year to put regulations around the game of skill. S 8153 was a bill that officially legalized DFS in New York. Licensed operators are required to pay a tax on gross revenue of 15 percent, as well as an additional 0.5 percent tax with a cap of $50,000. 

NY Online Casino Play

New York does not offer any legalized mobile casinos. Residents of the state will have to venture to the border state of NJ to access the closest legalized online casino apps. 

New York Online Lottery

New York does have a legalized online lottery. You can subscribe to play the state Lotto, Mega Millions, and Cash 4 Life through the New York Lottery’s website. 

New York Poker Rules

State law allows for poker outside of casino card rooms. There are some stipulations to this regulation. For poker that’s taking place outside of a casino’s card room, no individual can profit from operating the game. 

Esports Scene

There is no Esports betting in New York City. Esports betting is not outlawed. In fact, Esports regulations are unclear, but retail sportsbooks don’t offer wagering on Esports. This could change in the future if an Esports betting law is implemented. 

How to Become a Sports Betting Affiliate in New York

At this time, it’s nearly impossible to become a sports betting affiliate in the state of New York. Retail sportsbooks are only authorized in state regulated commercial and tribal casinos. This does not leave a lot of space for sports betting providers who are looking to enter the state. A sports betting provider would have to form a partnership with a casino and then fill out a license application. This would be reviewed by the New York State Gaming Commission. Following approval, a licensing fee would need to be paid to the state. 

FAQ for New York Betting

1) Is it legal to bet on sports in New York?

     Yes, it is legal to bet on sports in New York.

2) Does New York offer mobile sports betting or retail only?

     Currently, New York only offers retail sports betting. However, mobile betting could be legalized in the state in 2021. 

3) Can I sign up to bet on sports in NY remotely or do I have to physically visit the retail sportsbook location?

     You must visit a retail sportsbook to sign up for New York sports betting.

4) Who regulates New York sports betting?

     The New York State Gaming Commission regulates sports betting in the state. 

5) When was New York sports betting legalized?

     New York sports betting was legalized in 2013, but retail sportsbooks did not launch until 2019. 

6) Who placed the first bet in the state of New York?

     Two politicians placed the first legal sports bet in New York in 2019. Gary Pretlow, chair of the state Assembly racing and wagering committee, bet the Seattle Mariners. Schenectady Mayor Gary McCarthy took the Boston Red Sox at the Rivers Sportsbook.

7) Can you bet on “in state” college games in New York?

     Yes, you can bet “in state” college games in New York. 

8) Are wagers for all professional sports leagues and teams accepted in NY?

     There are no restrictions on professional sports leagues and teams in NY. 

Latest New York Sports Betting News

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