Colorado Sports Betting & Wagering (April 2024)

Legal Sports Betting in Colorado

Sports betting was illegal in the United States from 1992 until 2018. In 1992, the US Congress enacted the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. PASPA was meant to protect athletes and leagues throughout the country. A section of PASPA banned legalized sports betting in the United States. This caused countless bettors throughout the United States to turn to illegal offshore sportsbooks to test their luck on sports. 

The Supreme Court overturned PASPA by a 6-3 margin in 2018. There were a few states that pioneered the legalized sports betting movement following the Supreme Court’s decision regarding PASPA. Colorado had trouble implementing sports betting, but the market has become one of the biggest in the nation. 

The state has proven to be progressive on issues such as marijuana and same sex marriage, but gambling didn’t have strong roots in CO. Colorado casino gaming originated in 1991, but it’s limited to three towns in the Rockies. Nobody would’ve ever imagined that sports betting would’ve exploded like it has in the state since its May 1, 2020 launch. 

The Colorado state legislature proposed sports betting in 2019. The bill was supported by Representative Alec Garnett, but it wasn’t approved until the final day of the legislature’s 2019 legislative session. This passage didn’t mean much because voters in Colorado received the final say on sports betting in the state.

In November 2019, state voters passed sports betting by a narrow 20,000 vote margin. This popular vote victory allowed Colorado’s industry leaders to start drafting rules and regulations for the form of gambling in the state. 

Colorado sports betting launched on May 1, 2020, but sportsbooks are still launching in the state. Gambling operators have seen a lot of revenue production in the state in Colorado’s short sports betting history. A lot of providers still want to capitalize on this popularity. Colorado has become a top five sports betting market since May of 2020.

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Steps to Start Legal Colorado Sports Betting

If you’re in the state of Colorado, it’s very easy to begin legalized sports betting with one of the state’s countless providers. You can register for a sports betting account in person at a casino in Cripple Creek, Black Hawk, or Central City. However, it’s much easier to register and start betting online. To register, download a sportsbook app or apps that you’d like to utilize. The sportsbooks will direct you to begin signing up for an account. To do this, you’ll need to provide some personal information including the last four digits of your Social Security number. You must be 21 years of age and within Colorado’s legal limits. After your account is created, enter your first deposit and you’ll be ready to start betting in Colorado.

  1. Choose if you’d like to register for a sports betting account in person or on your mobile device. Most people register from their phone or computer.
  2. Pick what sportsbooks you’d like to bet on and download their mobile apps.
  3. Enter the required information for account creation. You must be 21 years of age and within Colorado’s state borders.4)    Make your first deposit and you’ll be ready to start betting.

Mobile Betting Apps in Colorado

Since Colorado is such a vast sports betting market, providers are continuously entering the state. Colorado has 17 mobile books that are currently operating in the state. Six additional sportsbooks will launch throughout 2021 which will take the state’s total to 23 providers.

BetRivers Colorado Sportsbook

BetRivers Sportsbook is an average industry platform. There are benefits to playing on BetRivers, but the book doesn’t provide bettors with a comparable experience to FanDuel or DraftKings. The company is very reliable, and you’ll have access to great customer service. They have an above average book, but nothing on their platform really stands out in my opinion.

The best part about BetRivers is the book’s initial deposit match up to $250. This is a better bonus than some of the larger books that operate in Colorado so it’s worth taking advantage of this offer on BetRivers.

BetMGM Colorado

The benefit of BetMGM is that the platform offers sports betting, online casino gaming, and online poker all under a single platform. It’s not the best sports betting app, but if you want a complete casino experience, this app could be the perfect fit if CO legalizes online casino gaming.

BetMGM has made a conscious effort to improve its sportsbook in 2021. The odds and live betting have been enhanced, but the book still isn’t great for sports betting. There are better platforms for sports betting in Colorado than BetMGM.

FanDuel Colorado

FanDuel Sportsbook is an industry leading sportsbook. FanDuel has a phenomenal app design so the platform is very easy to navigate. They have instant deposit methods to enhance your betting experience. Their sign-up bonus is a risk free bet up to $1,000.

I don’t love this bonus because winners don’t benefit from this offer. However, FanDuel offers recurring bonuses to keep players betting on its book. I wish the book offered a better sign-up bonus, but FanDuel is still one of the best platforms in the legal sports betting market.

DraftKings CO Sportsbook

DraftKings Sportsbook is the most popular platform in the legalized sports betting industry. DraftKings goes above and beyond to give users a phenomenal betting experience. The first noticeable thing about the book is the massive sign-up bonus that the company offers to new players.

DraftKings will match initial deposits up to $1,000. No other book can compete with this promotion. In addition to this, DraftKings has a massive menu and great odds which give you a much higher chance to win big on the sportsbook.

BetMonarch Colorado

BetMonarch doesn’t have a welcome bonus which is very disappointing. In today’s legal sports betting market, it’s tough to attract bettors to an app with so many platforms operating.

Not having a welcome bonus hurts BetMonarch, but the company rewards loyal players who bet on its platform. BetMonarch offers one of the best rewards programs in Colorado sports betting. Online and retail bets can be utilized for BetMonarch’s rewards program.

The higher you climb on the rewards ladder, the more benefits you’ll receive. These benefits apply to the book’s mobile app and for experiences at the company’s retail casino.

FOX Bet Colorado

FOX Bet is a middle of the road book that has grown quickly in its relatively short time operating. The FOX brand behind the sportsbook has helped attract bettors to the platform. FOX Bet offers a $500 risk free bet for new users.

This isn’t a great bonus from a book that has one of the biggest names in sports. FOX Bet does give bettors a great betting menu for domestic sports leagues. The book also offers some great prop bets and weekly odds boosts. The weekly odds boosts are the main reason to wager on FOX Bet. 

SBK Sportsbook (CO)

SBK Sportsbook is based out of the United Kingdom. The book made its American debut in Colorado. Residents of the state are enjoying the platform thus far. The book gives a small free bet for new players that bet on the platform.

The reason that Colorado sports bettors utilize this app is because of the large European soccer betting menu. If you like to bet on global events, SBK is a terrific choice. SBK still has a lot of work to do to catch up to the United States sports betting conglomerates, but the small book has stayed alive in Colorado’s extensive sports betting market. 


BetWildwood has a great reputation because it’s run by one of the state’s most reputable casinos. Putting this aside, bettors will be disappointed when they play on this app.

It doesn’t offer a large betting menu and bettors have a limited wager type selection. With all this being said, BetWildwood is simple to use. If you’re looking for a low stress platform where you can lock in bets quickly, BetWildwood could be a great fit. 

WynnBET Colorado

WynnBET offers a free risk bet up to $500. This is a standard sign-up bonus in the industry. The reason to utilize WynnBET is because of the platform. The desktop and mobile app layouts are exceptional. Technical difficulties are few and far between on WynnBET.

WynnBET is the perfect platform for new bettors because the company focuses on traditional bets. Prop bets are limited which is disappointing, but WynnBET is great when it comes to the basics.

Circa Sportsbook

Circa Sportsbook is growing at a rapid pace. This book has one of the highest upsides out of any new platform in the United States market. In Colorado, Circa Sportsbook has no landlocked sportsbooks which is disappointing, but the app is stellar.

The platform has a simplistic design that displays a vast betting menu. The app’s bet slip window makes sense and is easy for all bettors to navigate.

This is a major flaw for other books that operate in the state. Putting together parlays and teasers couldn’t be easier, so you’ll be able to spend more time focusing on the game.

ELITE Sportsbook

ELITE Sportsbook provides bettors with a decent menu, a solid platform, and a lot of bet types. Although, ELITE doesn’t do anything noteworthy relative to other books in Colorado.

Live betting is minimal on ELITE which is upsetting because this wager type is growing in popularity. ELITE also doesn’t showcase many sports from around the world. If you enjoy betting European markets, ELITE isn’t your best option.

theScore Bet

theScore is a media company that is known for amazing analytics. Just under 100 million people view their sports site per month. theScore Bet is the company’s venture into the world of legal sports betting.

theScore Bet moved away from its statistical roots. Stats aren’t really showcased on the sportsbook which is surprising considering what the company’s backbone is in the sports media industry. The book does offer great odds, so you’ll win more often on theScore’s sports betting platform. 

Betfred Sportsbook

Betfred Sportsbook launched in Colorado in September of 2020. Like SBK Sportsbook, Betfred is also based in the United Kingdom. Betfred will match your first wager up to $1,000 which is a very generous bonus.

The company will also provide you with a free $15 bet just for registering for an account. Additionally, European betting markets are extensive on the platform. If you enjoy soccer betting, you must look into Betfred Sportsbook. is a new sportsbook that’s owned by the Carousel Group. The book has one of the best welcome bonuses in the Colorado sports betting market. will match your initial deposit up to $150. also offers recurring promotions throughout the year on a variety of sports. If you like football and basketball betting, you’ll be very pleased with The company is one of the state’s leaders in these two markets.

William Hill Sportsbook

William Hill Sportsbook has a standard sign-up bonus, but promotions never stop on the book. William Hill shines with ongoing promotions throughout the year. William Hill doesn’t disappoint in any area, but the book also doesn’t lead the industry in any category.

William Hill will never upset bettors, but I believe that there are better books in Colorado. People utilize William Hill because the company has been a long-term leader in the worldwide gambling industry. 


SuperBook has odds that set you up for success. This is why you play on the SuperBook platform. The operators of the legendary Westgate SuperBook run the app which is the main reason why it has such an extensive betting menu.

Unfortunately, only mobile betting is accessible for SuperBook users in Colorado currently. SuperBook also doesn’t offer a deposit bonus so the book is behind nearly all of its competitors in the state. 

PointsBet Colorado 

PointsBet has made its name on points betting. Points betting is a unique style of betting where you can win a lot of money if your predictions are correct.

Nevertheless, you can also lose a lot of money from points betting. PointsBet offers traditional betting markets as well so you aren’t restricted to points betting on the app. PointsBet is one of the nation’s leading books for player props. If you like prop bets, PointsBet is an amazing option.

Physical Locations to Bet on Sports in Colorado

There are twelve landlocked sportsbooks in the state of Colorado. Casinos are only located in three towns in the Colorado Rockies, so the retail sports betting market is limited to a small portion of the state.


Monarch Casino Black Hawk

The Monarch Casino in Black Hawk offers a state-of-the-art sports betting experience. You can place bets in person at the sportsbook or just enjoy the game and place bets on the mobile app. The mobile operator for the Monarch Casino is BetMonarch. The retail sports bets that you make earn you the same rewards as if you were betting from the mobile app. Monarch Casino has one of the best rewards systems in the state of Colorado. 

Wildwood Casino

ISI Race and Sports runs the sportsbook at Wildwood Casino. Wildwood Sportsbook is all about amenities. The location offers a large selection of food, a full bar, a massive TV wall, and kiosk betting. You also have the ability to bet directly from your phone at the bar. This is a must visit sportsbook if you’re in Cripple Creek.

Johnny Nolan’s

ISI Race and Sports also partnered with Jonny Nolan’s to bring a retail sportsbook to its casino. Johnny Nolan’s has phenomenal betting kiosks to take a lot of the stress out of betting. The kiosks have 27-inch screens and give you easy access to all betting options that Johnny Nolan’s offers at their retail sportsbook. You can listen to game audio from the kiosks and charge your phone for mobile betting. 

Red Dolly Casino

ELITE Sportsbook runs the retail betting location at Red Dolly Casino. ELITE Sportsbook at Red Dolly is known for great promotions throughout the week. ELITE Sportsbook offers progressive parlays and odds bonuses during the week. You’ll earn rewards with every bet you place at Red Dolly Casino inside the ELITE Sportsbook.

Sasquatch Casino

IGT PlayDigital is in charge of creating the sportsbook odds at Sasquatch Casino. IGT is a respected brand in the sports betting industry. IGT has innovated the way that bettors place bets through their unique kiosks. Sasquatch Casino is known for offering winnable odds on a consistent basis thanks to IGT. 

Colorado Grande Casino

The Colorado Grande Casino opened its retail sportsbooks doors on August 3, 2020. The sportsbook is run by ISI. This is the same company that runs Johnny Nolan’s Sportsbook, so the retail location offers phenomenal betting kiosks. Some people stay away from this sportsbook because rumors have circulated that the Colorado Grande Casino is haunted. 

Golden Mardi Gras Casino

Golden Mardi Gras Casino has one of the best retail sportsbooks in the state. The property is run by DraftKings, so the betting experience is tremendous. The book has a full-service restaurant and bar, 43 televisions of at least 55”, and eight sports betting kiosks. If you play enough at the Golden Mardi Gras Casino, you’ll also have access to a VIP Lounge inside the sportsbook.

Ameristar Casino Black Hawk

Ameristar Casino Black Hawk is home of the state’s only Barstool Sportsbook. Barstool Sportsbook is expected to have a mobile launch in the state in 2021. The book has a 24-foot video wall, 13 betting kiosks, a full bar, and an additional 29 HDTVs. The Barstool brand has attracted a lot of visitors to the Ameristar Casino. You won’t have a bad experience betting at the Ameristar Casino. 

Isle of Capris Casino

William Hill Sportsbook at Isle of Capris Casino is still being finished. The sportsbook is open, but it only offers sports betting kiosks. Isle of Capris is still finalizing its plans for the sportsbook. William Hill is a respected company in the sports betting industry, so this retail location is expected to be very nice. 

Wild Card Casino

IGT runs Wild Card Casino’s Sportsbook. This sportsbook is very similar to Sasquatch Casino’s Sportsbook. IGT has installed their world class betting kiosks on property. You also have the ability to bet directly from the Wild Card Sportsbook app at the casino. IGT runs the technology for the app so the betting experience is very similar on mobile and in person. 

Billy’s Casino

Billy’s Casino is home of the Bet America Sportsbook. Billy’s Casino offers kiosks that make the betting process seamless. You have the ability to bet on a wide array of sporting events. The best part about Bet America is the prop bets that the book offers. The kiosks highlight the props so you’ll be able to find winnable bets with ease.

Saratoga Casino

Saratoga Casino’s Sportsbook is operated by Betfred. Betfred has done an amazing job turning this sportsbook into a betting destination. Betfred offers betting windows as well as kiosks if you don’t need wagering help. The sportsbook has comfortable seating and an LED video wall. The book is 1,400 square feet so you’ll have plenty of room to focus on the games without the property being too crowded.


Future Colorado Sports Betting Venues & Locations

Colorado has a strong sports betting market. Since the form of gambling was approved in the state, the industry boomed because of the excitement surrounding sports betting. Colorado is progressive in many areas, but the state government wants to keep a firm grasp on sports betting. In the future, Colorado retail sports betting could expand. However, retail sportsbooks can only be opened at landlocked casinos as of 2021. 

Colorado has multiple professional sports teams so it wouldn’t be surprising if stadiums were able to open retail sportsbooks in the future. Some of the team’s in the state have already partnered with sports betting operators that are available in the state. Mile High Stadium is opening a sportsbook lounge, but this will just be a place for people in the state to place mobile bets. With universal mobile gambling, widespread retail sportsbooks aren’t a priority. 

  • Mile High Stadium
  • Coors Field
  • Ball Arena
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods Park
  • Bars
  • Restaurants

Colorado Sports Betting Regulation & Laws

Colorado residents approved Proposition DD on November 5, 2019. This allowed the Colorado legislature to enact sports betting legislation. When state residents approved sports betting, HB 19-1327 was able to become a state law. This bill was proposed by Representative Alec Garnett. Both chambers didn’t approve the bill until the final day of the 2019 legislative session. 

The bill imposed some strict restrictions on the Colorado sports betting market. The state’s Department of Revenue regulated the sports betting legislation in the state. The Department of Revenue was subject to direction from the Colorado Gaming Control Commission during the legislative process. 

The overseeing body for Colorado sports betting is the state’s Division of Gaming. The bill limited the number of sportsbooks that could operate in the state. Retail sportsbooks couldn’t be opened outside of the casinos in Central City, Black Hawk, and Cripple Creek. 

Online and retail betting were both legalized by HB 19-1327. This was important for the growth of the state’s sports betting market. Central City, Black Hawk, and Cripple Creek are not accessible for all bettors in the state. Mobile betting has made the Colorado sports betting market a national leader. On May 1, 2020, sports betting launched in the state of Colorado. 

17 mobile sportsbooks operate in Colorado. There are also 12 landlocked sportsbooks. More operators are trying to enter the state to take advantage of the lucrative market.

What are the Tax Rates for the Retail and Online Sports Betting Operators in CO? 

The state charges mobile and retail sportsbooks a 10% tax on gaming revenue. These taxes are designated for public purposes. The main project that betting taxes are funding is the state’s public water plan.

Sportsbooks must set aside an additional 6% of revenue throughout the entire year. This is put in place to compensate parties involved in sports betting like leagues throughout the country.

Legal Colorado Sports Betting Timeline

  • Representative Alec Garnett proposed HB 19-1327 early in the 2019 legislative session.
  • HB 19-1327 was approved by both chambers on the final day of the 2019 legislative session.
  • State voters approved Proposition DD on November 5, 2019 which allowed legislators to implement sports betting legislation. 
  • HB 19-1327 was put into law.
  • Colorado sports betting regulators were able to craft specific rules around the form of gambling.-       Sports betting launched on May 1, 2020.

List of Sports Wagers Allowed in Colorado 

  • Moneyline: Choosing a specific winner. 
  • Point spread: The margin of a team’s victory or loss. 
  • Totals: The number of points scored in a contest. 
  • Props: Side wagers on things that may happen. Props are very broad. 
  • Live betting: Real time wagers where the odds are always changing.
  • Futures: A bet on a future outcome.
  • Parlays: Wagers that are grouped together. All legs must hit for a successful bet.
  • Teasers: Spread or total bets where the bettor can put the odds in their favor.

Colorado Sports betting Bonuses & Bonus Codes

Colorado sports wagering is known for great bonus opportunities. There are 17 online sports betting providers in the state so bettors can choose from a wide variety of available bonuses. The most common bonuses offered from Colorado sportsbooks are risk free bets. A few books match deposits so you’ll have extra chances to win big on sports.

Some bonuses require codes. If your promotion requires a code, all you have to do is input the code when filling out your bet slip. Most welcome bonuses don’t require any code. To receive a welcome bonus on nearly all of the Colorado sportsbooks, all you have to do is register for an account. Betting in Colorado is always very exciting because bonus opportunities are always arising.


Colorado Promos, Promo Codes and Promotions

Colorado sportsbooks partner with local teams to offer great promotions. Colorado online betting is known for giving bettors the ability to wager local teams with odds boost. In addition to this, Colorado sportsbooks deliver promotions for big sporting events.

If it’s the postseason or a day with a massive slate of professional action, CO sports betting will give players the ability for a substantial payout. Promotions vary from sportsbook to sportsbook. Some sportsbooks require a promo code. If this is the case, it will be clear where you’re supposed to input the code to reap the benefits of the bonus. Other CO sports wagering promotions just require you to place a qualifying bet.

Best CO Sports Betting Cities

The biggest city in Colorado is Denver, but landlocked sports betting is restricted to three locations in the state. Mobile sports betting is widespread so people can place bets from anywhere in the state.

Cripple Creek 

Cripple Creek is the farthest city outside of Denver where retail sports betting is allowed. Cripple Creek offers four retail sportsbook locations at Wildwood Casino, Bronco Billy’s Casino, Colorado Grande Casino, and Johnny Nolan’s Casino. The Double Eagle Hotel and Casino will be opening up a retail sportsbook in Cripple Creek in 2021 that’s run by PointsBet. Cripple Creek is two hours outside of Denver, so bettors usually support the Broncos, Rockies, Nuggets and Avalanche.  

Central City

Central City doesn’t have any retail sportsbooks just yet. However, in 2021 two sportsbooks are expected to open at Johnny Z’s as well as Grand Z Casino. IGT will power both books. Central City is less than an hour outside of Denver so people in this area love the city’s professional sports franchises. 

Black Hawk

Black Hawk is the biggest betting city in the state of Colorado. Like Central City, Black Hawk is less than an hour outside of Denver so bettors in the city are strong supporters of the Broncos, Nuggets, Rockies, and Avalanche. Black Hawk has eight retail sportsbooks with another location opening at some point in 2021.

The properties that offer a retail sportsbook are Lady Luck & Isle Casino, Golden Mardi Gras Casino, Monarch Casino, Ameristar Casino, Red Dolly Casino, Saratoga Casino, Sasquatch Casino and The Wild Card Saloon.

CO Teams to Bet On

There are five professional sports teams to bet on in the state of Colorado across five different leagues. 

Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos play in the AFC West Division of the NFL. The team has won eight AFC Championships and three Super Bowls in their history. The Broncos play at Empower Field at Mile High. 

Colorado Avalanche 

The Colorado Avalanche compete in the NHL. The team had a lot of success in the late nineties and early 2000s. The Avalanche have won two Stanley Cups. These victories came during the 1996-97 and 2000-01 seasons.

Colorado Rockies 

The Colorado Rockies are members of MLB’s NL West Division. The Rockies lost in the World Series in 2007. The team hasn’t made a trip to the Fall Classic since that season. 

Denver Nuggets

The Denver Nuggets started playing under their current name in 1974. The team plays in the Ball Arena. The Nuggets have won 11 division titles, but haven’t been able to make a deep run into the NBA playoffs just yet. 

Colorado Rapids

The Colorado Rapids are part of the MLS’ Western Conference. The Rapids were founded in 1995 and have made soccer a very popular sport in the state of Colorado.

Quick Glance at Colorado Gambling & Industries

Sports betting isn’t the only prominent gambling industry in the state of Colorado. These other industries have helped sports betting rapidly grow since the form of gambling launched in May of 2020.

Colorado Horse Racing Status

Arapahoe Park in Aurora is the one-horse racing track in the state of Colorado. This is a very popular spot from the late spring throughout the summer. Colorado residents are allowed to bet at the track or at a few off-track establishments. Colorado bettors can also wager horse racing through one of the state’s 17 mobile sportsbooks.

DFS / Daily Fantasy Sports in Colorado

DFS is completely legal in the state of Colorado thanks to Governor John Hickenlooper. Colorado legalized DFS to leave no doubt that the game of skill was allowed. The legal state of DFS has created issues all over the country. DraftKings and FanDuel are the two biggest DFS sites in the state.

CO Online Casino Play

Colorado hasn’t legalized online casino gaming. The sports betting bill expanded the gambling industry to include sports betting, but it didn’t legalize online casino play. Bettors in the state use offshore sites for online casino gaming.

Colorado Online Lottery

The Colorado online lottery is legal. People in the state can buy lottery tickets on a mobile app. This is great because the accessibility allows more people to get in on the state’s lottery contests. Revenue from the Colorado lottery goes toward protecting the state’s parks and wildlife.

Colorado Poker Rules

CO poker law isn’t very specific. It’s believed that online poker is illegal, but people still play online poker in the state. Poker is very popular in ten of the state’s casinos. There are live poker rooms at casinos in Black hawk, Cripple Creek, Central City, and Ignacio if bettors want to play poker in person.

Colorado Esports Scene

Colorado doesn’t have a very large Esports scene. Esports were popular around the country when sports leagues paused because of the COVID pandemic. Colorado sports betting began at a point when people didn’t completely have to lean on Esports for wagering.

How to Become a Sports Betting Affiliate in Colorado

To apply for licensure in the state of CO, a casino must fill out a form on the state’s website and pay $10,000. If the application is approved, they must pay a $125,000 license fee. A license includes one retail sportsbook and one online skin that’s available all over the state.

FAQ for Colorado Betting

Is it legal to bet on sports in Colorado?

Yes, it’s legal to bet on sports in Colorado. 

Does Colorado offer mobile sports betting or retail only?

CO offers retail as well as online sports betting. 

Can I sign up to bet on sports in CO remotely or do I have to physically visit the retail sportsbook location?

In CO, you have the ability to sign up for a sports betting account remotely.

Who regulates Colorado sports betting?

The Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission and the CO Division of Gaming work together to regulate sports betting.

When was Colorado sports betting legalized?

Colorado sports betting was legalized on November 5, 2019. 

Who placed the first bet in the state of Colorado?

The first bet in the state of Colorado was placed on May 1, 2020. 

Can you bet on “in state” college games in Colorado?

Yes, you can bet on “in state” college games in CO. However, no prop bets are allowed on college contests. 

Are wagers for all professional sports leagues and teams accepted in CO?

Yes, all professional sports wagers are accepted in Colorado.