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How To Deal With A Bet Loss

How To Deal With A Bet Loss

by Nelson NelsOctober 17, 2021

A quick peep at the sportsbooks before a significant game as you are about to place a bet brings a thrilling feeling of victory even before the outcome. With optimism being overly dominant, what keeps running in your mind is a picture of how much profit you’d make from it.

But what do you do if things end up going south? It is a gamble, the outcome might be positive, or life can decide to give you that L for the day. Well then, if it is one of those days, here are a couple of things you would consider.

Don’t Chase The Losses

Well, it’s an NFL weekend, and your first bet gave you and your money a hefty blow. You still have two games lurking before the end of the period. What comes to mind? That’s right! You will get a false feeling that it’s not over until it is.

Don’t try this at all! That would be the decision that would eventually leave you a frustrated fellow with nothing short of losses and feelings of deep loath for the game.

Giving a spirited chase for the money lost would mean increasing your betting unit to compensate. There is a chance that you might end up winning, but if the opposite happens, it will be the end of your zeal. Eventually, you will have had more losses than you would have incurred in the first place.

Primarily, what results from this is unmatched frustration. Questions of whether you have the skills and abilities to make profits would kill your betting ambitions. The modest thing to do would be to quit, but that wouldn’t bring back the money lost. Out of experience, I would flee from this feeling by all means.

Keep it Recreational

Would you give me an example of a person who’s ‘made it in life” strictly from betting? Exactly!
If you aren’t a player, don’t wait for the baseball playoffs to earn a living.

As mentioned earlier, this is a gamble. It’s ultimately the money you’ve made from somewhere else that you are trying to make a profit. In simple words, an investment.

Furthermore, the sports era does not run 24/7. They all have specific periods for different seasons, depending on the sport. What would you be doing after the NBA season is over and you have no income-generating activity? Food for thought.

Invest What You Can Afford

It would be wise to weigh your finances before analyzing and placing the bets in the same context. It’s as risky as it sounds like investing a lot of what you have in your pocket without giving it a thought. Would you wish all your money to be dependent on that hockey ball in sixty minutes?

Even if you feel like a pro bettor already, it is a sport; eventually, anything could happen. Lebron James might end up being injured in the first quarter of the game you placed all your money on, and what would that spell, disaster!

Whether online or physically, betting can give you a kick in the gut at the least expected moment. The following feeling is not coveted, and as humans, it prompts us to make unhealthy decisions.

You ought to keep in mind that this is not a shot in the head. It’s not a do-or-die situation for you or your finances. Keep your emotions in check, and wish for better luck next time.

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