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Betting NBA Teams After the All-Star Break

Betting NBA Teams After the All-Star Break

by USA WagerMarch 10, 2021

The NBA All Star break comes every year and provides a much needed break for the every day bettor. For some sports bettors out there it’s been going pretty well I’m sure, and for others it may be tough with all of the research that has been required daily for the large number of games offered.  Regardless of your situation though, it has undoubtedly been quite a bit of fun betting on all of these games, and also keeping up with the incredibly tight playoff races in both the Eastern and Western Conferences.

Today though, we are going to take a look at some tips that go along with how to bet on basketball games online.  There are quite a few different things to focus on for strategy and betting types, but lets take a look at betting on the NBA AFTER the All-Star break comes to an end.  This is the time when the injuries have healed a bit, the legs aren’t quite as tired, and the teams are fully geared for their second half runs of the season.

Betting on the Healthy Teams

Sure, there’s probably going to be a team at the All-Star break this NBA season who is just over .500.  You will probably look at that team and wonder how they are barely .500, and think that they have the overall talent to just be a much better team.  There is probably a reason why they are sitting where they are, and in this tough NBA season which has been a grind, it probably has something to do with some injuries or fatigue for the team.
The All-Star game gives them a chance to heal up, and it can also give you a chance to realize which teams these are, because they are probably going to come out of the break gunning to get some wins and potentially build on that .500 record and make it look a bit more impressive.

Taking Underdogs With Upside

What exactly is an underdog with upside you ask?  Well, it’s a team who has the talent, has the coaching, but simply has lost some close games.  Especially a young team who is coming out of the break with a serious shot to contend for a playoff spot.  Coaches know how to motivate these teams to make them hungry and want to get into the playoffs, so you should give them a bit of love in terms of sports betting.
Not every team will pay off for you in the end, but take a look at a team like the Memphis Grizzlies last season who just got hot at the right time and made some moves in the postseason as well.  The best spots here are the teams who have a leader that not only played well going into the All-Star break, but had a good All-Star game as well, because this emotion could carry over to the second half of the season and be a great thing not only for the player themselves, but for the team as well!
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