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Conquering Online Sit and Go Tournaments

Conquering Online Sit and Go Tournaments

by Evan PerkinsOctober 1, 2020

Online sit and go’s have been an online phenomenon that has turned a lot of players’ attention into playing online. There are a handful of variations and rules to these games, even though Texas Hold’em is the primary game, there are other factors that have been included into these sessions.

These events are typically 6 or 9 player fields with every player starting with the same amount of chips. Depending on the amount of layers, the prize amounts are divided differently.

Online Poker Sit and Go Tips

When playing sit and go tournaments, you will need to have some basic ground work in place. These are some of the more common structures to having a good strategy while playing.

The following are the most important tips to keep in mind:

  • Play conservative in early rounds
  • Avoid those trap hands
  • Watch your double up value hands
  • Know where you are in the game
  • The real value of A and K

Conservative Play

Playing it safe in the early rounds allows you to get a feel for how the game is going and your opponents. Everyone has the same chip count, so no one really has any pressure to make important decisions.

However, this is where you need to make an important decision. You should play conservatively with low blinds and look to have more powerful hands instead.

Avoiding Trap Hands

This goes hand in hand with playing conservatively. Trap hands are the ones that look appealing at first because of what you could get later on.

The reason trap hands are deadly to your bankroll is because you often get “trapped” into playing then once you have bet on them. Even though you might have opportunities to limp into a play, there will be a time when it attacks your chips because you are already committed.

Look To Double Up Value Hands

Doubling up value hands, especially from a late position, is a great asset to your strategy. This means you can essentially double your value from a good hand.

Think about hands such as pocket pairs or suited aces. So a pair of 3’s or even something higher like Ace through 9 suited combo has great potential if you can bet very little on them.

Once you see the flop, you can make a better decision on what you see. This, in turn, can allow you to play on cards that could turn up to be flushes or even stronger hands.

Know Where You Are At

You need to be aware of the game early on. Of course you are already doing this, but you need to be aware if the play is being too loose early on. This means you should watch for players that are limping into hands often, since there is no pressure.

The thinking behind this is that the blinds are small so players will jump on board more often to try and get ahead. This goes back to making sure you have premium starting hands and do not be afraid of scaring anyone off.

The Problem With Aces and Kings

Players often like to bet heavily or even go all in on AK hands. This is such a foolish move and the players that do this are quite difficult to corner and get rid of. They eventually make enough mistakes and lose their chips anyway, but do not let yourself get sucked in or play those hands too.

You should rarely ever do this move. The point is, you will likely get called and when you do, it will most likely be a much better starting hand so why take the risk in the first place.

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