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Colts vs Dolphins Prediction & NFL Odds for Week 4

Colts vs Dolphins Prediction & NFL Odds for Week 4

by Devin WeberSeptember 30, 2021
  • Dolphins will win this game
  • The game will meet the 1.5 spread.
  • The game will be over the 43 total predicted points

Both teams have not started the year off well, and are on losing streaks. The Colts have looked terrible and the Dolphins have had flashes but have not won since week one. Also Miami’s quarterback Tua is injured for the game.

In reality, both teams are about the same skill level, and both have a long way to go before they are playoff teams. The Colts want their first win with Carson Wentz, and the Dolphins are looking to go to .500.

Betting Odds & Lines for Colts vs Dolphins

  • Spread: Colts +1.5 (+100) vs. Dolphins -1.5 (-121)
  • Moneyline: Colts (+110) vs. Dolphins (-131)
  • Total Points: Over 45.5 (-110) or Under 45.5 (-110)

All odds listed are courtesy of (PointsBet | Caesars | DraftKings | Fanduel | BetRivers)

Colts vs Dolphins Prediction: Spread

Pointbet has this game spread being 1.5, which is really low. Basically, the bookers have this game being super close, and so do we. Both teams have not played their best football weeks late, so that is the main reason.

However, the Dolphins will be able to win this game by over 1 point. It’s really unlikely the game will finish with Miami winning by a single point. The game will be close, but for our money, the Dolphins will win by a touchdown or a field goal.

Colts vs Dolphins Prediction: Moneyline

Miami is predicted to win and we’re going with it. Both teams had a chance, but after Tau being out with the Raiders (a better team than the Colts) and the Dolphins still played well. However, Indianapolis might finally be angry enough to finish a game out.

However we don’t see that happening this week, we’ll see the Dolphins playing with a vengeance, because of their overtime loss. The Colts’ offense will have to improve to win and it would be nice to see their “elite” defense start playing like it.

The Colts at their ceiling could be a wild card team (especially playing in the AFC south). However, they’ve been playing at their floor (which means a top five draft pick). The Dolphins have a great chance of winning this week, especially if Brisset plays safe.

Colts vs Dolphins Prediction: Total Points

Pointbet has the total points at 43 points and we say the Colts and Dolphins will go over. The predicted final score is Miami 24 and Indianapolis 20. It won’t be the highest-scoring game, but until the Colts defense starts playing elite, they’ll keep giving up mid 20 points per game.

The Dolphins have a great chance of building Brissett’s confidence for the upcoming weeks here. Carson Wentz also has the chance to start playing better for the season. However we think scores will be off errors, and there probably will be a few.

Both teams are having trouble keeping the ball safe, so it will end up in a couple close to the endzone drives for both teams. Expect a pretty sloppy game, with moments of good football mixed in at random moments.

Bet on This NFL Game

For a recap we have the Dolphins winning, the game will be above the total points, and Miami covering the spread.

Check out this post for a full list of our weekly NFL predictions.

Prop predictions

Carson Wentz (Eagles) is what you call a gunslinger and in this season it has hurt his team. This continues into these games and he’ll have 3 picks and no 2 touchdowns with 230ish yards. Jonathan Taylor will rush for one TD and have about sixty yards.

Jacoby Brissett (Miami) will play safe, but still will have one pick in the game. He’ll have 2 touchdowns with a respectable 250 yards through the air. The rest of the scores will be by the running backs and the kicker.

Bet on Prop

Here are some of the more interesting ones at sports If you think the Colts are going to score more than 2.5 touchdowns then it’s +125 (and -175 for under). There is a section for who’s going to score first.

We predict the Dolphins to score first and to score above 2 touchdowns. Lastly, we believe both teams will not score on their first drives.

Enter the team or player you’d like to find prop bets for and search below.

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