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Philadelphia Phillies vs. Boston Red Sox Prediction

Philadelphia Phillies vs. Boston Red Sox Prediction

by Jack CohenMay 20, 2021

Philadelphia Phillies vs. Boston Red Sox Prediction: The Philadelphia Phillies will host the Boston Red Sox at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on May 21 for the start of their three-game series. The Red Sox are a force to be reckoned with, leading the AL East with a 25-18 record, and have been equally impressive on the road, boasting a 12-6 record.

The Phillies on the other hand have been just the definition of average. Maybe mediocre is a more fair assessment, but the Phillies are 22-20 which does place them in second in the NL East, but they cannot seem to pull away far from the .500 mark. They are only one game back from the Mets, but they just can’t turn it into high gear and really consistently sweep series or win the majority of the games.

The Red Sox have been slipping as of late, dropping their last game of the series to the Angels in heartbreaking fashion and then two against the very strong as of late Blue Jays. This is the time for the Phillies to pull out a few wins against some serious competition and prove that they are contenders this year.

Phillies: Way to Win

The Phillies need to play better defense. This has been their achilles heel all season and it has shown in a .500 record. Routine plays and fundamentals have been lacking and you cannot win baseball games if you do not do the little things right. Especially against a Red Sox team that will capitalize on every inch given to them and will make you feel every mistake made, the Phillies need to clean up their game in the infield.

On the mound, Nola needs to pitch a strong and long game because the minute the bullpen gets activated, the Phillies’ decline starts. Relief pitchers and closers have been the farthest thing from helpful for the Phillies, so it is evermore important that Aaron Nola get started well and have some longevity in the game. If he busts, the game busts.

Red Sox: Way to Win

ESPN’s now week-old power rankings placed the Red Sox in second place and they are justified in doing so. The Red Sox are playing all around fantastic baseball, and winning means them playing to their potential.

Two not-so-great losses recently is just from the Red Sox not doing their thing. They need to start games off strong and play with confidence, which they are in no shortage of.

Martin Perez on the mound is not the strongest option the Red Sox have, so bats need to be swinging in full force early on into the game. Perez only has one win in eight starts, although a 3.40 ERA does not look as bad as his record may appear. Perez needs to keep the score low until the Phillies make it to their bullpen where all bets are off.

Red Sox vs Blue Jays: Prediction

The Phillies are 14-6 at home and the Red Sox are 12-6 away. This one will be tight. Most of the Phillies’ losses are coming from mistakes made playing away, so if they are going to take down one of the best teams in baseball right now, it’s going to happen at home in Philadelphia.

However, the Red Sox are the Red Sox and will not be easy to take down. The Phillies will get one or two games in this series, it’s just a matter of when. For this first game, with Nola’s power, I say the Phillies take it.

Pick: Philadelphia Phillies

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