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MLB Power Rankings: Top Four Through Week 9

MLB Power Rankings: Top Four Through Week 9

by Jack CohenJune 5, 2021

MLB Power Rankings: Top Four Through Week 9 – June is here, and every MLB team is a few games past the 50-game mark, so it’s time to sit down and look at our top four. Not too many shifts are happening in the top of the rankings, but teams on the bubble are starting to fall out of favor.

The AL East, besides the Rays, have had a disappointing past few results and are dropping in the ranks while the NL West looks to be after that best division title.

The top is tight, though, and the best team in baseball is by no means clear and changes day to day, series to series, week to week. With this year’s record-track lowest batting average and high strike-out counts, the game of baseball might be changing. Who’s ahead of the curve? Read on to find out.

MLB Power Rankings #4: Los Angeles Dodgers

Mookie Betts is not playing like Mookie Betts right now, but the fact that the Dodgers are still a wildly competitive team says something about the depth of their roster. Cody Bellinger is back and is much needed cavalry in the box, but their defense is leaving plenty to be desired.

They swept the Diamondbacks. So what? Swept the Giants in a three-game series. Impressive. But then they split two games with the Astros; lost three out of the four games in their most recent series with the Giants; and then scored 26 runs in three games against the Cardinals, although they only won two.

The Dodgers pitching is incredible, but the offense is inconsistent and they’re winning on crazy one inning showings. Definitely one of the best teams in the MLB, but their inconsistency is dropping them out of the top three and into the fourth spot.

MLB Power Rankings #3: San Francisco Giants

The Giants and Dodgers are neck and neck, and after losing their first four games to the Dodgers all season and maybe conceding that the Dodgers might be the better team, they won three away and confirmed that they belong ahead of the LA boys in blue.

Their offense is swinging big right now as Evan Longoria, Buster Posey, and Brandon Crawford continue to provide runs. The pitching and defensive play has been just very solid. Sixth in ERA and third in quality starts. The Giants are a complete team right now.

MLB Power Rankings #2: San Diego Padres

Everybody talking about the MLB is a broken record when talking about the Padres. Yu Darvish is crazy good. Fernando Tatis Jr. has 17 home runs and 39 RBIs, batting .299. Not to mention he has missed a handful of games with tweaks here and there. Recent weak play, though, is going to drop them into second.

Swept by the Cubs in a three-game series away is understandable, but not excusable, and is going to play a factor in their ranking.

Hopefully, Tatis is back quickly from this most recent injury, and the Padres bounce back and take their anger out on the Mets to get back to their winning ways and avoid dropping further in the rankings.

MLB Power Rankings #1: Tampa Bay Rays

The Rays are the most complete team in baseball right now and their past record shows just that. Splitting four games with the Yankees isn’t great and has put a large blemish in their recent record. Call it complacency.

Simple baseball is the name of the game for the Rays. They get the job done on all sides of the ball. Joey Wendle and Austin Meadows lead the way of an offense that strings together hits incredibly well.

They’re tenth in home runs but third in RBI’s with the most wins in baseball. When runners are on base, they bring them home. It sounds so simple, but nobody is doing it quite like the Rays right now.

Fundamental baseball wins games and when you win games as much as the Rays do, you become the best team in baseball.

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