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2022 MLB All-Star Game Betting Odds

2022 MLB All-Star Game Betting Odds

by Thomas BurchJuly 19, 2022

Honestly, the MLB All-Star game snuck up on me. I didn’t realize how far into the season we really were until All-Star teams were announced. As we sit a little over halfway through, we finally get to see the best players compete together.

With the all-star game being played on the day of this article’s posting, there’s a lot to look at. With money at stake and run totals to be counted, I’m here to analyze the money lines we have and what to make of them.

Run Line

We have a couple of interesting pieces to look at here. Starting with the DraftKings run line, we see the AL as the favorites with -1.5 (+170) while the NL lags behind with +1.5 (-200). With the AL 8-year winning streak, choosing them as the favorite is perfectly valid.

What helps the MLB NL this year is Kershaw at pitcher and the fact that Ohtani is staying off the mound. The NL has a stacked outfield this year, and it only helps to slightly improve their odds.

However, the MLB NL is stacked with fielders and speed with Trea Turner manning the ship, proving in-park scoring to be quite difficult.


This is the Over/Under for the MLB AL:

– Over 7.5 (+255)
– Under 7.5 (+295)

The fact that the over is preferred here is no surprise. With Vladdy, Devers, Ohtani, and Judge rounding out the rotation, a lot of runs are going to be scored. They have an incredible batting rotation, leading to a slight advantage on the over.

The Over/Under for the MLB NL is:

– Over 7.5 (+255)
– Under 7.5 (+255)

Having the over/under dead even is a bit surprising, but understandable. The NL doesn’t have the same level of firepower as the AL, but their pitching competition is notably less strong. With Shane McClanahan starting for the AL, it will still be extremely difficult, but not Kershaw difficult.

Game Line

Finally, after a brief overview of each roster and the different run lines, we can look at the game line and analyze the results. However, the outcome may be much closer than you may expect.

The AL maintain their years of leverage, inching out against the NL in this year’s All-Star betting odds. The AL (-115) scraped past a competitive NL (-105) for the advantage.

Both of these teams are stacked with incredible talent. With the AL and their big power to the NL and their explosiveness, each team is respectable in its own regard. Whether you like the MLB Executive’s stereotypical large power hitter with the Judges, Vladdy’s, and Ohtani’s, or you prefer the more athletic approach with the Acuna’s, Turner’s, and Pederson’s.

Regardless, this is going to be close, and both bets are fairly safe. Will the AL maintain their streak and keep the luck alive, or will the NL finally come out on top, breaking better’s hearts? Today at 8 pm we will find out.

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