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PLL Final Week Championship Odds

PLL Final Week Championship Odds

by Thomas BurchAugust 17, 2022

With the last week of PLL lacrosse on the way, the standings have shifted drastically. With the power standings bouncing around like Matt Rambo at the crease, there’s a significant amount of murkiness regarding PLL Championship odds.

The list has a clear favorite and a bottom feeder, but the middle is head-to-head. With that out of the way, let’s head into the PLL final week championship odds and see who comes out on top.

The Odds

During the frinal week of the 2022 PLL season, here are the championship odds:

1. Whipsnakes (+165)
2. Archers (+500)
3. Atlas (+500)
4. Chrome (+500)
5. Waterdogs (+600)
6. Redwoods (+850)
7. Chaos (+2500)
8. Cannons (+6000)

The Whipsnakes have a clear advantage, as any team at No. 1 would. They are an 8-1 team, 2 whole games ahead of the second place squad. Their score differential also remains on top, and have undoubtedly the best defense in the league.

The Cannons, on the other hand, are in a battle for playoff contention. Fighting with the Chaos for a spot in the series is difficult enough being down one game, but the game they need to win to make the playoffs is against the No. 1 seed.

The Fight for Second Place

Although there is a clear frontrunner for the championship, the second place race is in full effect. There are 4 teams with a record of 5-4, and one team that’s 6-3. The Chrome are actually ahead of the Archers and Atlas in the power rankings, but they remain even in championship odds.

The teams from 2-6 all play each other this weekend, with the exception of the Atlas playing the Chaos. The Chrome have the easiest game of the four teams on paper, with their match against the Redwoods. However, the Woods just snapped the Waterdogs win streak last week, and may keep the momentum.

The matchup with the most tension this week is the Waterdogs and Archers game, with both sitting at 5 wins and nearing a standstill. Although the Archers have a significantly higher score differential, the Waterdogs have made up for their big losses and have come in clutch as of recently.

The Atlas should have an easy game against the Chaos, but it’s no easy feat. The Chaos may have one of the worst defenses in Lacrosse, but the last couple of weeks we have witnessed their offense firing off on all cylinders.

The Atlas defense is just about average, so the Chaos need to pick them apart. The Chaos, however, need to fully lock down on the Atlas to pull out a crazy win. With all things considered, this game has the least implications regarding the odds of the other teams in the top 5.

The teams between 2 and 4 all have the same championship odds, but this week may change a lot. If the Chaos come out on top and the Redwoods find an upset, we may see a shake in the odds when playoffs begin.

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