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MLB Power Rankings: Top Four

MLB Power Rankings: Top Four

by Jack CohenMay 27, 2021

MLB Power Rankings: After just about two months of baseball, the top teams are building their gap between the mediocre and the outright bad. We have had no-hitters and tremendous sweeps in the past few weeks and it is safe to say baseball is getting exciting. Some teams might be falling with injuries in the upcoming weeks and others may sort out their mistakes; only time will tell.

These MLB Power rankings are not based on predictions, but rather recent performance.

MLB Power Rankings #4: Yankees

The Yankees are firing on all cylinders right now despite LeMahieu under performing this season. With Hicks now hurt, Stanton out, and Kluber leaving the Blue Jays game early, the Yanks might be a bit worried to see what is to come, but they are sneaking up on the Red Sox in the AL East and their momentum is there. They have won eleven of their last fifteen and have hammered out their starting rotation. Although they have lost two strong bats, the Yankees are playing strong baseball all around and will surely be able to keep the boat afloat and moving fast until injuries heal.

MLB Power Rankings #3: Rays

The Rays reached eleven straight wins before they lost the first game of their series to the Royals in what was a stellar performance by both teams and the Royals caught a break. The Rays lead the AL East confidently, keeping the Sox and the Yanks close behind. With no outstanding stats and a pretty mediocre record at home, one has to wonder if the Rays can keep it up, but for now, and the continued success they are having, they aren’t going anywhere in these power rankings—someone has got to beat them first.

MLB Power Rankings #2: Dodgers

Gavin Lux’s takeover at shortstop has given the Dodgers even more life as one of the best teams in baseball. He is turning himself into one of the most valuable players on that team and has proved integral to their success recently. In the past thirteen games, they have won twelve of them. Their prowess on the scoresheet is doubly impressive with their success statistically. They rank first in runs scored, on base percentage, WHIP, quality starts, and BAA. The Dodgers are neck and neck with my choice for first place and it is a coin toss to determine which is better. However, the Dodgers are in second place in their division, falling only to you guessed it…

MLB Power Rankings #1: Padres

The Padres are the best team in baseball right now and I don’t think this is a hot take. Their pitching is terrifying. They have the best ERA in baseball; the second best BAA; and the third best WHIP. They swept the Mariners, Rockies, and Cardinals. Their list of accolades can go on and on. The Padres are a force to be reckoned with. Yu Darvish and Joe Musgrove are as close to guaranteed quality starts and wins as one could get and Melancon is lockdown in the final frames. Look at the scores the Padres play into. They barely give up more than three runs in a game, and it only helps for the stat sheet that they score more than five often as well. The Padres are a recipe for success right now.

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