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MLB Power Rankings: Top Four

MLB Power Rankings: Top Four

by Jack CohenJune 19, 2021

MLB Power Rankings: Top Four – The seventy game mark is being hit across the board for MLB and the season should be taking a slight left turn with the introduction of the new foreign substance rule. A lot has changed in the past few weeks. The AL East isn’t the powerhouse they once were. The Padres are only seven games above .500. The Oakland Athletics are turning on the jets in June. There are definitely some shake ups at the top of the rankings.

MLB Power Rankings Fourth: Oakland Athletics

The A’s have made a name for themselves as of recent. They are now first in the AL West by two games, and its their winning ways that are really something to be impressed by. After all, they have the second most wins in baseball right now. Since the start of June, the Athletics have played fifteen games. And they have lost two. They are 13-2 in their last fifteen games and the month of June. They played the Rockies, Mariners, Royals, Diamondbacks, and Angels, so all things considered it’s not the most dazzling display of wins. But still, the best teams get the job done.

This might not last very long and seems like a hot streak. Especially considering Mark Canha and Matt Olson are absolutely ruthless at the plate right now. One of the top teams for sure, but they’re going to have to show these numbers for the rest of June to move up the ladder even more.

MLB Power Rankings Third: Chicago White Sox

The White Sox have played consistent baseball despite plenty of hiccups. Most recently, they’ve lost Nick Madrigal to a season-ending hamstring injury which leaves a heavy gap at second base. The trade deadline is coming up, so a second baseman will be a strong possibility.

Anyways, the White Sox pitching seems to be their star anyway with the 3rd most quality starts in the MLB and the 5th best ERA and Batting Average Against. La Russa has been patching together lineups here and there dealing with a lot of injuries, but it’s working and the White Sox find ways to win.

MLB Power Rankings Second: San Francisco Giants

The Giants have sat pretty in the top of the power rankings all season, playing pretty spectacular baseball. They’ve got the most wins in baseball, so what can you say about them not getting the job done. They haven’t even lost ten games at home so far and continue to rock the stacked NL West.

Brandon Crawford and Kevin Gausman are still the leaders in most statlines on offense and defense, respectively. Gausman has been lights out. Gausman’s 1.51 ERA is second best in the league and his 0.77 WHIP is third. Guy can pitch.

MLB Power Rankings First: Tampa Bay Rays

Consensus best team in baseball are the Rays who day in day out win ball games. They were the first team to 40 wins and have slowed down only slightly since then, with a very shocking and disappointing start to their series against the Mariners, which is very unlike them. They only stand ahead of the Red Sox in the AL East by half a game, but they are the definition of a full team. No stat leaders. No crazy sluggers. Just a focus on fundamental baseball to score runs and avoid giving them up. And nobody does it like the Rays right now.

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