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MLB Odds and Futures Update – June 24, 2021

MLB Odds and Futures Update – June 24, 2021

by Aaron AboodiJune 24, 2021

With All-Star weekend just less than a month away we have gathered a firm understanding of what teams can capture the 2021 MLB season pennant. Let’s check MLB Odds and see where each team stands!

While the Dodgers were hit hard with injuries early in the season they have maintained a high level of play and look to defend their title. Will it be a team that no-one expected in the San Francisco Giants or a more familiar team in the Houston Astros?

Let’s take a look at the top teams and their odds of capturing the World Series title this season.

MLB Odds to Win 2021 World Series

Los Angeles Dodgers (+340)

Chicago White Sox (+675)

San Diego Padres (+700)

Houston Astros (+800)

New York Mets (+900)

New York Yankees (+1100)

Tampa Bay Rays (+1500)

Oakland Athletics (+1600)

Boston Red Sox (+1800)

San Francisco Giants (+2000)

Looking at the list of the top ten teams with the best odds of winning the 2021 MLB World Series, there are a few things that jump out immediately.

New York Yankees

1. Out of teams in the AL East, the New York Yankees have the best odds of winning the World Series despite the fact that they’re currently in 3rd place trailing the Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays. As much as this doesn’t make sense, it actually does make sense for some odd reason.

The Yankees have yet to play the brand of baseball that we all know they are capable of putting on display. Notoriously known for launching balls into the bleachers, Yankees hitters have been relatively quiet this season. 

Recently gaining Luke Voit off the IL and filling in the 1st basemen slot will play huge for the remainder of their season if the big man can stay healthy. While placing a bet on the Yankees to win the pennant presents a lot of risk, now more than ever may be the best time to place a wager as who knows when the Yankees bats start clicking in the Bronx and they work their way to the top of the AL East.

San Francisco Giants

2. Who holds the best record along with the highest winning percentage in the MLB right now? The answer is the San Francisco Giants, and it’s hardly even close. The Giants boast a 48-26 overall record, equivalent to a .649 winning percentage.

Given this information, the Giants are still being utterly disrespected as they open as (+2000) underdog to win the World Series this season. It may be one of those seasons where the Giants have a record-setting regular season before falling in the first round of the playoffs. That’s at least what Vegas wants you to think by attaching such low odds to arguably the best team in baseball.

While the Giants possess some of today’s most elite pitchers in the game, how reliable can they be in a seven-game series? Can the Giants keep up this pace for the remainder of the season? Almost halfway through the season the Giants have made a case for themselves as a legit team around the league, but will another team be able to crack them early and often? 

New York Mets

3. The New York Mets are listed as (+900) and are in the top 5 as a potential candidate to win the pennant. Despite not having the raw power on offense other top teams have, they have a clear path to the playoffs and can do damage from there. 

With deGrom, Stroman, and Walker setting the stage on the mound there offense looks to regain power with Lindor, Alonso, and McNeil. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the Mets year to take home the pennant as Jacob deGrom has never been better. The Mets may be a sneaky team to place a wager on if you’re hoping to cash in big this season.

The odds will continue to change as teams look to make trades this upcoming trade deadline. Watch closely as your favorite team climbs the ranks and makes a case as the best team in baseball. 

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