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Will the Mets or the Braves win the NL East?

Will the Mets or the Braves win the NL East?

by John ReynoldsSeptember 8, 2022

The NL East has been one of the most exciting divisions in baseball this season. The New York Mets and the Atlanta Braves are two of the best teams in baseball.

Over the past few months, the Braves have decreased the Mets’ lead in the division. There is only one month left of the season, and both teams could win the division. Whichever team wins the division is likely to avoid playing in a Wild Card Series.

The NL East So Far This Season

The Braves did not have a good start to the season, and the Mets took advantage of their opportunity to establish themselves in first place. During the first few months of this season, the Mets steadily increased their lead in the NL East.

However, after their somewhat disappointing start, the Braves have been phenomenal. Atlanta has the third-best OPS+ in the National League and has scored the second most runs in the NL, 683, 40 more than the Mets have scored this season.

Both teams pitching staffs have had similar success. The Braves team ERA so far this season is 3.48, while the Mets is 3.51, which is second and third respectively in that category in the NL. The Mets have allowed nine fewer runs so far this season as compared to the Braves.

The difference between the two teams has come when they have played each other. The Mets have won the season series against the Braves so far this season 9-7. Those series between the two teams have helped the Mets maintain their position in first place.

It is likely that both teams will make the playoffs, but winning the division could have a huge impact on how far each team could advance in the postseason. The winner of the NL East this year will likely not have to play a three-game series in the Wild Card round.

Which Team Will Win the Division?

The winner of the NL East will be determined by which team plays better during the month of September. The most important series for either team before the end of the season will be the final three-game series the two teams play against each other.

This year’s final series between the Mets and the Braves is scheduled during the last week of the season as the second-to-last series of the year. The series will be played in Atlanta, and it could determine which of these teams wins the division.

According to Tankathon, the Mets have an easier remaining schedule during the final few weeks of the season than the Braves. The Mets play a three-game series against the Brewers in addition to their series against the Braves, but also play a combined 10 games against the Pirates, A’s, and Nationals; three teams that are currently in last place in their divisions.

Meanwhile, the Braves have seven games remaining against the Philadelphia Phillies along with three games against the Mariners. The Phillies are currently in a position to reach the playoffs as a Wild Card team, and they are four games ahead of the Brewers in the Wild Card standings. The Mariners also have a very good chance of reaching the playoffs, and they are currently five games ahead of the Orioles in the American League Wild Card standings.

As a result, the Mets arguably have a better chance of winning the division due to the games remaining on their schedule. However, the Braves have been one of the most consistent and excellent teams in the MLB since June and during the last few seasons.

Both teams could have success in this year’s playoffs. The competition between the Mets and the Braves during the final month of the season will be one of the best storylines in baseball before the end of the regular season.

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