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Kevin Durant still wants a trade…which teams are in the running?

Kevin Durant still wants a trade…which teams are in the running?

by Jeremy TrottierAugust 14, 2022

Earlier this week, we saw Kevin Durant reiterate his desire to be traded away from the Brooklyn Nets unless they fire HC Steve Nash and GM Sean Marks. This has sparked intense debates among NBA fans as to who Durant’s next team could be, and what the trade packages would look like.

So far, Durant has listed 4 teams he would like to play for. In this article I will be covering those 4 teams, what the current betting odds are for each team (according to OddsChecker) to get Durant, as well as possible trade packages surfacing that those teams could procure to bring in KD. So, without further ado, let us begin with the odds on favorite:

Boston Celtics (-140)

The favorite to land Kevin Durant right now, if he is traded, would be the Boston Celtics, as they seem to have the best possible package of teams KD has said he wants to play for. The negotiation will come down to how much the Celtics want to give up, compared to how much the Nets may want at this moment. It will also come down to if any other team can offer more than a Jaylen Brown based package, as this is already a top-tier player in return for the Nets.

The Celtics’ odds may slightly shift with Durant including the Philadelphia 76ers in his preferred destinations recently, however. The 76ers have a pretty good amount of players they could offer for Durant, which could potentially match a Jaylen Brown offer. Regardless, the Nets initially asked for Jayson Tatum AND Jaylen Brown initially, which the Celtics obviously declined.

A package that has been thrown around on social media, without involving Marcus Smart (as KD wants to play with him according to various sources) would be:

Jaylen Brown, Derrick White, potentially another young piece (Grant Williams likely), and 2-3 firsts.

Now, is this optimal for the Celtics? Probably not. But having Malcolm Brogdon, Marcus Smart, Tatum, KD, and Rob Williams still on the team is a phenomenal lineup. If the Celtics are to go all in on KD and Tatum, this is probably the asking price roughly.

Phoenix Suns (+350)

The next team on the list in terms of odds to land KD would be the Phoenix Suns, who could also put together some compelling packages. The Suns were in the first group of two teams that Durant named as someone he would want to play for, which makes sense as he would likely get to play alongside Chris Paul as a facilitator and Devin Booker.

The Suns have potentially the 3rd best offer sheet out of the four teams listed, however, behind Boston and Philly. However, they may have the most interest from Durant who basically holds the cards in this scenario, which makes things more interesting.

There have been a few trade packages that have been mentioned online, but one that keeps coming up would be:

Deandre Ayton, Mikal Bridges, 3 firsts, 2 first swaps

The Nets would get a young center as the centerpiece of the deal, as well as a proficient defender in Bridges and a decent haul of picks. Granted, the number of firsts could go up depending on other offers around the league, but this is what seems to be the starting point according to most people.

Miami Heat (+500)

Next, we have the Miami Heat, who recently changed from +2500 to +500 in this race on OddsChecker. In my opinion, the Heat could have either the worst offer of the group or one of the best, depending on if they are willing to trade Tyler Herro.

The Heat were the other team Durant mentioned in his first two a while ago when he initially requested a trade, which likely means they are heavily in the race, as the new odds imply. The Heat having a big three of Bam Adebayo, Jimmy Butler, and Kevin Durant would definitely be formidable and may put them over the edge for a championship win.

The trade that has been mostly coming up from other writers and social media has been something to the effect of:

Tyler Herro, Nikola Jovic, Kyle Lowry, 3 first-round picks, 3 first-round swaps

Like I mentioned this could be a really decent package for Miami depending on the amount of first round picks and the inclusion of Tyler Herro. However, it may be the weakest offer in terms of player talent, as Jaylen Brown, Ayton/Bridges, and the 76ers offer mentioned next all have a better player combination.

Regardless of this, the Heat will likely heavily pursue this option, as if they have any chance at getting Durant, they most definitely should.

Philadelphia 76ers (currently not listed)

Finally, we have the Philadelphia 76ers, who are the most recent entry to this sweepstakes so their odds are not reflected yet. Regardless, Durant has stated them as the final team he would like to play for (at least to this point).

The 76ers have a few interesting offers they could make, and have another big 3 in the works with Joel Embiid, James Harden, and KD. While their odds are currently not listed, they have a good shot in this race now considering the 76ers’ ability to offer a young package in return and various draft picks.

As of right now, a package for Durant would look like this:

Tyrese Maxey, Tobias Harris (cap relief), Matisse Thybulle, 3 firsts, and 1-2 pick swaps

Young talent is the name of the game here with young phenom Tyrese Maxey and a viable asset in Matisse Thybulle. Tobias Harris is also good for now, and could potentially be re-dealt away from Brooklyn for picks or younger assets to a contender.

If the Nets do choose to trade Kevin Durant, they have options, that’s for sure. There is no lack of suitors in this game and one way or another they should receive a good package in return for the superstar.

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