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Did Vegas Win or Lose on Super Bowl Sunday?

Did Vegas Win or Lose on Super Bowl Sunday?

by Asa AgnoliFebruary 8, 2021

Did Vegas Win or Lose Super Bowl Sunday?

It is a little early to tell how well Vegas fared in Superbowl betting last night as all the numbers are not out yet. However, it looks like they did just fine. In a historic Super Bowl, the Tampa Bay Bucs beat the Kansas City Chiefs last night in Super Bowl LV, with the Buccaneers scoring 31 and the Chiefs 9.

The spread was Chiefs -3 prior to kick-off, with the Over/ Under at 55.5 and the money line showed Buccaneers +145 and the Chiefs at -110.

The Buccaneers became the first team to host a Super Bowl at home, and they generated lots of Buzz, especially on the East Coast where Brady is considered a hero by many, and saw the spread decrease from +3.5 to 3 in favor of Brady, closer to game day.

Tom Brady made his 10th Super Bowl appearance and now has been the victor for the 7th time. The Bucs were 12-1 to score exactly 31 points, and the Chiefs were 100-1 to score 9 points.

The game was touted as a high-scoring game, yet Mahomes did not throw a single touchdown. Out west, it has been reported that big money was placed on Kansas city at -3, but more bettors were backing Tampa Bay with the money line.

Sportsbooks have reported that over 70% of the money was on the over.

According to VSIN, many a sportsbook placed well for the full game, but because there was no score in the last quarter, Vegas took a hit in the second half. The Chiefs were at 7.5 points as second half favorites with a second-half Over/Under of 28.

One interesting variable will be the Prop bets. According to those in the know, for the player prop bets, Patrick Mahomes was bet on the most to win Super Bowl MVP with Travis Kelce to score the game’s first touchdown.


Vegas definitely came out ahead there with Brady winning the MVP and Gronkowski making the first touchdown. One interesting statistical note is that line moves can be predictive of success, at least they have been in recent Super Bowl history.

In this case, the Bucs went from +3.5 to +3. Since 2010 the team with the point line move in their favor has won 78 % of the time. Vegas definitely would have taken that statistic into the point spread. Many bettors take the favorite to win and then hedge their bet with the over/under.

In this case, the under was a surprise. It is said that some big money came in just before the game began. It is hard to know exactly how things will shake out without seeing more of the numbers. After considering the high volume of bets placed on the over, did Vegas win or lose on Super Bowl Sunday? The answer; yes.

My east coast money was on Tom Brady, so I am feeling fine today too!

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