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Early Season Look at Premier League Relegation Odds

Early Season Look at Premier League Relegation Odds

by Dan MoranSeptember 13, 2022

The passing of Queen Elizabeth II has given the Premier League an extended break. The Premier League put fixtures on hold in respect of the Queen’s passing.

7 of the ten games that were previously scheduled this week will go on. Brighton-Crystal Palace, Chelsea-Liverpool, and Manchester United-Leeds United will be rescheduled for later in the year.

This unexpected delay in the season, coupled with the international break that starts on September 19 leaves us with an extended break from Premier League football.

Therefore, it’s a great time to assess the bottom of the table and determine who looks like the favorites to be relegated in this upcoming Premier League season.

Chalk Favorites

At the beginning of the Premier League season, the top 3 favorites for teams most likely to be relegated were Bournemouth (-200), Fulham (+125), and Nottingham Forest (+125). The bottom of the table currently shows 1 of those 3 teams – Nottingham Forest.

Bournemouth certainly looked like an obvious candidate for relegation after being on the losing end of a Premier League record 9-0 defeat by Liverpool. Bournemouth started the season with a win against Aston Villa.

From there, they ran into a brutal run of Premier League royalty – defending champions Manchester City, the current top-of-the-table Arsenal, and perennial favorite Liverpool.

After a run of 3 straight where opponents held a 16-0 scoring deficit over them, Bournemouth turned the tide of their recent results with a draw, then won against Nottingham Forest. They sit in the middle of the table for now.

Interesting Potential Long Shots

At the beginning of the season, Leicester City sat at +1600 as a potential relegation candidate. Right now, they sit at +1400.

Leicester City has had a terrible start to the season – after tying their opener, they’ve lost every game since then. Jamie Vardy has not found the scoresheet yet. Things are going to get uncomfortable for Brendan Rodgers shortly if things do not improve.

West Ham also stands out as a potential odds favorite with a nice payoff, given how they’ve started the season.

Hanging On for History

Everton has been hovering around the middle to the bottom of the table over the last couple of years. At times, their form has looked relegation worthy.

While they’re sitting just clear of the relegation zone right now, Everton will most likely hover around this part of the table for the rest of the season. Hopefully, the squad will be inspired to play their best football . . . and keep the Toffees as members of an elite club.

Since the inception of the Premier League in 1992, Everton has been one of 6 clubs that has never been relegated from the Premier League. The other 5 are names you’ll commonly see at the top of the table – Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea, and Tottenham.

Given how close Everton has been to relegation over the last season, Everton supporters are hoping that they can avoid relegation, and keep their place in that elite group of Premier League clubs that have never been relegated.

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