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We Have a Free Ticket to BetFest by SBC on May 15th

We Have a Free Ticket to BetFest by SBC on May 15th

by USA WagerMay 8, 2021

Free stuff is always good. Valuable information from industry legends to help you become a better bettor, well that’s great.


With over 100 free passes to one of the most educational sports gambling events of the year, we have you covered.

I’ve been placing sports bets on and off for the last 10+ years. Over that time I have definitely had a winning season, maybe two. I’ve read books, I listen to my regular podcasts and I am definitely better now than when I lost my first five game hockey parlay, a bet ticket I was convinced was a slam dunk winner. It wasn’t.

But I’m not great at sports gambling… yet. As I strive to improve at my wagering hobby, I’m constantly looking for tools and resources to help me with my process. That is why I’m registered for BETFEST 2021, one of the most informative sports gambling events that is loaded with industry legends prepared to share their secret sauce.

Let’s Look at the Lineup

Bill Krackomberger – the “Krackman” has made his living as a professional sports bettor for nearly three decades. You have seen him on ESPN, Gaming Today, and SiriusXM. His bets move the lines and regularly have him banned from books for being too sharp.

Warren Sharp – the founder of Sharp Football Stats and Sharp Football Analysis,. In 2018, he began working as an analytics consultant for an NFL team. Warren is the author of a best-selling preview guide predicting the NFL season and detailing each team’s upcoming expected results.

Rufus Peabody – Rufus is a professional sports analyst. Previously he worked as a statistical analyst for Las Vegas Sports Consultants, the largest and most influential oddsmaking company in the world. He has a B.A. in Economics from Yale University, where he wrote his senior thesis on inefficiencies in performance evaluation in the Major League Baseball betting market.

Captain Jack Andrews – Captain Jack, is a legend in the pro betting scene. Along with earning a living through placing bets, he is an industry watchdog and sportsbook customer advocate, with our best interests at heart. Captain’s twitter account (@CapJack2000) is a go to resource for over 24,000 of his loyal gambling followers.

There are many more names with impressive resumes I could also list, but I have limited space to write this. (Check the full guest list and topics covered here.

Here is the message I want to get across today: Whether you are a recreational gambler who places the occasional bet or an experienced player working through an existing strategy, BETFEST 2021 makes a lot of sense for you.

There are a couple of perks that come from registering. A free copy of Ed Miller’s The Logic of Sports Betting Book, is a great read. A free one month membership to the “Krackman’s” app, where you have access to his personal picks and the intel from one of the best sharp bettors of all time.

However, what excites me the most as a wagering hobbyist is the chance to listen and interact with industry sports wagering legends who have been doing this far longer and with much greater success than me and most likely you.

BetFest 2021 Topics

Betting Analysis – Analytics have become a focal point within the professional sports world. Hear from some of the brightest minds who are currently using these analytical tools to find an edge and how they can help you do the same.

Sports Betting 101 – This session will provide you with the basics of how people choose what to bet on, what kind of bets are available, all while you learn the industry lingo. Learn about in-play betting, prop bets, long shots, sucker bets and how to identify them among other basics.

Sharp Betting – Ever wonder how someone becomes a “sharp”? Some of the best known bettors discuss how they tackle the game, why they succeed and what skills a sharp bettor needs in the new sports betting world.

There are many other really interesting sessions worth checking out, see the full event agenda here!

Long story longer – Saturday, May 15th 11am – 5pm ET, I bet you will love it as much as I do.

To register now and for a chance at a free ticket, click here!

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