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USAWAGER: DraftKings & Domino’s Pair Up for Pizza Delivery Free-to-Play Game

USAWAGER: DraftKings & Domino’s Pair Up for Pizza Delivery Free-to-Play Game

by Evan PerkinsJune 29, 2021

Pizza and gambling are the latest news surrounding the betting industry. Indeed, DraftKings & Domino’s have put together a crafty way to combine the two. 

The two companies have found a way to offer a free-to-play gambling option while ordering pizza. The way that users will profit is rather unique and of course while they are picking up their pizzas. 

The Two Minute Guarantee Bet

DraftKings & Domino’s recently launched their latest team effort. The new Domino’s Car Side Delivery, 2-Minute Guarantee Over/Under Challenge is changing up the way customers order their pizzas. 

The app will allow customers to have the opportunity to pick an over/under amount on the time it takes to pick up their car side pizza delivery. The time frame is whether or not that it will be faster than two minutes, more or less than 80 percent of the time. 

The correct pick will allow customers to enter the chance to win a share of $200,000. The great thing about this deal is that it does not require any money to place the wager, as it is a free-to-play the game. 

For Domino’s, this is a low-risk adventure to their pizza. They have stated that they will give away the orders for free if this happens to be over the two-minute curbside delivery timeline. 

DraftKings & Domino’s | Competitive Ways to Attract New Customers

The industry, no doubt, is growing at a rapid rate. The need to be innovative to attract new customers is even more important than ever before due to the market rising in popularity and more sportsbooks. 

DraftKings, for example, dabbled in the gift card space around Christmas last year with InComm Payments. These were a great way for customers to buy last-minute stocking stuffers or to add onto their store purchases. 

DraftKings also teamed up with Boost Mobile recently to offer incentives for their brick and mortar customers to fund their accounts. They also have exclusive contests if they are Boost Mobile customers. 

Finding a New Avenue for Customers

DraftKings might be onto something here with their latest move. Customers have nothing to lose while they wait for their pizza, so why not place a bet on how long it will take?

We have all done this a time or two on a daily basis. DraftKings is just the first to publicly offer an incentive to playfully bet on a situation like this. 

This deal is a great way to offer conversion to daily fantasy sports. If customers are willing to bet on how long it takes to receive their pizza upon pickup, then they could possibly bet on fantasy sports and other over/under events. 

Another aspect of the partnership is that DraftKings could help customers transition much easier than before. This is another cost-effective way for customers to sign up without having to spend as much money as they have in the past. 

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