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The Golden Nugget and Online Gaming in New York

The Golden Nugget and Online Gaming in New York

by Anthony KeanFebruary 25, 2021

The Golden Nugget and Online Gaming in New York

Sports Betting was made legal in the state of New York in February of 2021, but for gamblers, that wasn’t enough. New York made sports betting legal as long as all wagers were done in person at a commercial casino. Not only has New York been one of the states hit hardest by the Covid-19 pandemic much of New York City remains shutdown.

We also cannot forget that neighboring states like Pennslyvania and New Jersey have legalized gambling in multiple capacities, including online. New York is a state that has worked towards legalizing gambling and legalized gambling at commercial casinos, but New Yorkers want more; they want online gambling. 

Golden Nugget is a chain of hotel-casinos across the United States. Golden Nugget also has an online gambling casino and sports site that is currently available in Michigan and New Jersey. In hopes of New York legalizing online gambling, Golden Nugget is attempting to get a head start. Recently Golden Nugget and New York hotel, casino, and racetrack Tioga Downs have agreed to a 20-year deal to bring Golden Nuggets online casino to the Downs. 

The Golden Nugget President on the Deal

In a press release, Golden Nugget president Thomas Winter voiced his excitement about the new agreement.

 “We are very excited to sign this long-term partnership with Jeff Gural and Tioga Downs,” Winter said. “New York is key to our growth strategy, and we look forward to the state embracing online gaming. We will remain focused on securing new market access partners in more U.S. states. With its iconic brand, a superior product, and award-winning operations, GNOG is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the exponential growth of online gaming in the U.S.”

The Golden Nugget is wise to jump on this opportunity prior to it coming together. Tioga Downs is a popular gambling hub, and getting their foot in the door early can reap huge benefits. 

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Tioga Downs Owner Excited for Future Online Gaming

Jeffrey Gural, the owner of Tioga Downs, is equally excited about the opportunity that online gaming can present to Tioga Downs.

“Tioga Downs is excited to partner with one of the best performing online gaming operators in the U.S.,” said Gural. “GNOG has one of the most experienced online teams, a historic U.S. casino brand, and a proven track record in our neighboring state of New Jersey. I’m confident GNOG will bring an exciting product to my home state of New York, and together we will generate excellent new revenue streams for GNOG, Tioga, and the state of New York.”

Affect Online Gaming Can Have

As mentioned earlier, Golden Nugget Online Gaming is currently only legal in two states, with more states interested to potentially conduct business. 

Once the pandemic is over, casinos such a Tioga Downs will benefit greatly. Right now, it is a shame that online gaming is not legal yet as it would have made a massive boom while so many places in New York remain closed. Tioga Downs is currently open, with a lesser capacity and limited table games compared to pre covid times.

After New Jersey legalized gambling to the fullest degree, they have seen an enormous amount of wagers throughout the year, compiling to multiple billions of dollars. Without a doubt, New York has the chance to follow the path of nearby New Jersey. 

New York is home to many popular professional teams, including the New York Yankees, Mets, Jets, Giants, Knicks, Brooklyn Nets, and the Buffalo Bills. Without a doubt, online gaming would be a booming success in New York, known as an unbelievable sports city and the city that doesn’t sleep.

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