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Push For California Sports Betting Gaining Momentum

Push For California Sports Betting Gaining Momentum

by Julian KeifetzFebruary 24, 2022

California sports betting could see legalization in the next session after voters have rallied to push their representatives to act. While the numbers in place are loose and it’s early in this process, there is a great number of California residents who are in support of the huge market that exists for this industry.

The most populous state in the country is in the list of other states who currently have legislation pending to legalize sports betting. Right now it’s more tentative than other states, but the market for legal sports betting in California is undeniable.

There is more of a division in California on this matter than in other states. But the potential for the industry here is massive.

Where the Numbers Stand

The reason why the traction on this issue is not as strong as in a state like Minnesota is partly due to the huge population in California. There are over 39 million residents in the Golden State, and while a vast amount of them support the legalization of sports betting in their state, there is also a huge population that is either against it or on the fence.

According to a report by the LA Times: “by UC Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies and co-sponsored by the Los Angeles Times finds 45% of voters surveyed would support amending the California Constitution to allow sports betting. One-third of voters said they are opposed to such an effort while the remaining 22% of respondents — more than 1 in 5 — are undecided.”

The fact that a third of the polled California voters are opposed to legalized betting in California is obviously not a good sign. 55% being either opposed or undecided does not bode well at all.

In fact the same LA Times article reported that the poll did not ask these voters how or what they envision legal betting looking like in California. The midterm elections in November will decide this issue for California for the foreseeable future, and a ballot on this issue has already qualified for the midterms.

Anyone who knows about the legal sports betting industry in the U.S. over the past few years knows what a lucrative market it is. A national gaming firm reported that the legalization of California sports betting could generate more than $3 billion in revenue.

Why California Sports Betting Needs to Happen

The legalization of sports betting in California would be huge for the state financially and a great source of entertainment for its residents.

California is up there with Florida and Texas as states where sports are everything. While the numbers may not support the demand right now, make no mistake about the demand being there.

Legalizing California sports betting can only benefit its economy and allow residents access to something that many Americans already have.

In a time when politics in the U.S. seem to be more divided than ever, the legalization of sports betting is also something that seems to be a bi-partisan issue with majority support from both democrats and republicans.

This has the potential to be something that brings the country and American people together as well as create massive amounts of revenue in a state with almost 40 million people.

The tricky issue for those attempting to pass these legalization laws will be to convince non-sports fans that this is a good thing for California.

In a time when the legalization of sports betting is sweeping the nation, it’s hard to find a good reason for a state like California and its voters and legislators not to jump on the opportunity to create new revenue for their state and pass bi-partisan legislation at the same time.


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