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Two New Proposals Emerge to Bring Sports Betting to California

Two New Proposals Emerge to Bring Sports Betting to California

by Erik GibbsNovember 15, 2021

California is once again under the eye for drawing attention to Sports Gambling and the intention to legalize all related matters by 2022.

The Golden State has revived the intent to pursue the official approval for allowing sports gambling in the territory and so far, the proposal continues to bring positive and negative attention as some raise their eyebrows at potential revenue losses, and some welcome the expectation of becoming the largest gambling market in the country.

Two proposals have and will continue to gain Californians’ attention as they prepare to debate the topic in the next weeks before the decision settles on the ballot next year. On the one hand, a proposal that is seeking to grant over 65 tribe casinos is currently under analysis. This first idea is meant to give tribes more control over sports betting, allowing them to fully operate on the business generated by this latter enterprise.

Games such as roulette and craps will also become legal to be played at tribe’s casinos. Additionally, some horse tracks will also become eligible to run and operate.

The second proposal is looking for more Californians and intends to grant card rooms the right to operate sports gambling. This initiative intends to evidence an additional way through which taxes can be generated by the state to solve issues such as homelessness and affordable housing programs and other initiatives that currently affect some major cities such as Los Angeles.

Approval in Hand with Social Initiatives

If sports gambling was to be approved in the state, some sportsbooks and sports betting organizations would not only be able to operate but would be willing to make some compelling contributions to the state’s social initiatives.

On October 5, the state approved the California Solutions to Homelessness and Mental Support Act that is intended to address, as a formally approved legal initiative, some of the major issues which have had backlashes on certain sectors of California’s population. Some sports gambling organizations have already committed to award $100 million to back up this proposal. The list of entities willing to wager in is now nine and with potential for expansion.

Formalities to Get the Ball Rolling

On a first stance, every proposal must obtain a specific number of signatures that demonstrate voters’ interest in addressing the idea with the state’s legislature. Then voters will rely on all information presented about the pros and cons, as well as quite extensively, the effects that legalizing such a proposal might bring to the state.

The last step; bring it up for voting. According to Director of Government Affairs Las Vegas-based Global Market Advisors Brendan Bussmann, this sounds easier than it actually is. There is no guarantee that it is as straightforward as some organizations propose.

Bussmann commented on the fact that some processes do take time, and even if enough information is placed out there for people to learn about what’s being proposed, voters might still be wrongly drawn to different sides of the argument if no legitimate education is provided on the topic. Still, once proposals have the right amount of support, it’s just a matter of time for the ball to be rolled and for voters to do their part.

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