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North Dakota Set to Launch Sports Betting

North Dakota Set to Launch Sports Betting

by Erik GibbsNovember 30, 2021

North Dakota is joining the nationwide rally that Maryland, Florida, California, and a handful of others have pushed through in the last few months. The state has been officially declared as sports-wagering legal. With this news, the list of states set to weigh in on pro-gambling reforms just keeps growing.

The American Gaming Association (AGA) has officially placed North Dakota as the newest addition to the pro-gambling list. Although approved, sports wagering activities will remain on a tight leash.

As the list keeps growing, more and more states continue to be inclined towards different gambling dynamics that will allow them to bring an interesting spectrum of financial possibilities for both gamblers, casinos, and the state. Still, not everyone is on board in the Flickertail State.

Sports Betting Opened but Controlled

Even though North Dakota has been officially ratified as legal to carry out sports betting within the state, regulations still apply and conditions have been firmly placed as well. By becoming part of the nearly 30-state select group, North Dakota has still drawn the lines quite firmly.

For starters, only the Dakota Magic Casino will be accepting sports wagers sooner than most anticipated. Wagering is expected to become legal as of December 1 and only at the designated casino. The property is run by the Dakota Nation Gaming Enterprise, in accordance with state regulators and Indian tribe compacts.

According to Dakota Magic representatives, the casino is the largest in the state and will, for now, remain as the single venue to process wagers. Whether other areas or casinos will be granted the same rights is still to be determined.

What the state needs to be careful of is having some of the traffic from ready-to-wager bettors leak in from other bordering states to place their bets. All points are being considered by the DNGE to guarantee that sports gambling does not have counter effects within or outside the state.

Difficult Road to Approval

Although many are already indulging in the potential enterprise that comes with the approval of sports betting, some are still leaning towards the opposite side of the spectrum. For North Dakota, support for approval has been far from easy.

Betting in the state has been frowned upon multiple times in the past. The race to get the gambling dynamic approved began in 2019. Yet, this first attempt was unsuccessful right from the beginning. A new proposal that was to allow voters to share their thoughts on the matter was also shut down. The latter idea was set to take place in 2022.

Keeping this in mind, online wagering is also off the table and might remain so indefinitely or at least when folks begin to lean away from the conservative side of the argument. For other dynamics such as online poker, the stretch has endured for 15 long years of constant resilience at the House stage. It’s fair to say that gambling is still not being welcomed by many locals and this mentality isn’t going to change anytime soon.

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