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Florida Governor DeSantis Fights Sports Betting Lawsuits

Florida Governor DeSantis Fights Sports Betting Lawsuits

by Vincent PensabeneSeptember 5, 2021

One of the biggest states is about to legally place wagers on sports if some people get their way. There is currently a lawsuit that Florida governor Ron DeSantis and his administration are trying to get a dismissal on as the plaintiffs are challenging the local Seminole Tribe’s current claim to all sports betting within the state.

All brick-and-mortar casino operations run through the Seminole Tribe but for online sportsbooks are playing at an unfair playing field as currently they are not allowed to take wagers from Florida-based accounts. Things are definitely going to go down in the courthouse but it seems like a solution could be made.

Now I do not know Florida law or Seminole Tribe agreements as well as other people attempting to broach the subject, but I am going to take a snag at this topic because as a Florida resident and someone who would like to win some money on the sports I follow.

The United States officially legalized sports betting and Florida is a giant market share that is being taken away from a marketplace to online sportsbook. However, there is a compromise at the very least that can be met.

Why is the Florida Government Siding with the Seminole Tribe?

Well, the motives are not necessarily in black and white but one major reason could be the fact that the Seminole Tribe has agreed to pay the state of Florida $20 billion over the next 30 years. Why go after an ally that is going to help you out financially?

That’s all fine and dandy but Florida should be taking a look at New Jersey’s books. New Jersey gets the influx of New Yorkers driving over the bridge to place sports bets on their apps and it is doing incredible numbers for the state. Florida is estimated to be home to 21.6 million people and if 10 percent of them place wagers, that’s a lot of money rolling in. If the state can get in on this, it should only help Florida throughout.

What Should the Compromise Be?

First off, going against a state government is going to be difficult for any individual casino. Why not just join forces like the sportsbooks have done in California? There is always strength in numbers.

This could just get settled out of court but say the judge rules in favor of the Seminole Tribe, they can easily have a discussion where 50 percent of all money brought in from people based in Florida or any money wagered in the state of Florida will be going to the Seminole Tribe. To compromise with the Seminoles, those casinos agree to not open any brick-and-mortar sportsbooks in the state or give a percentage to the tribe.

I wouldn’t be too surprised whichever way this ends up. Selfishly, I believe the more available sportsbooks are, the more money in everyone’s pocket at the end of the day. Just give the people of Florida the chance to wager on sports and let’s make it legalized through a compromise of some sorts.

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