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Boost Mobile Announces Exclusive DFS & Betting Promos Through DraftKings

Boost Mobile Announces Exclusive DFS & Betting Promos Through DraftKings

by Evan PerkinsJune 4, 2021

DraftKings and Boost Mobile have made an interesting move in the betting and mobile phone industry. The two are now working together to drive in business through Boost Mobile’s customers and the ability to bet on sports. 

The traffic that Boost Mobile generates is going to be put to use with the potential for betting in person at various locations. The deal allows for Boost Mobile customers to fund their account, if they have a DraftKings account, directly in the Boost store’s themselves. 

Incentives for Boost Mobile Customers

Not only will Boost’s customers benefit from the deal, but the access to sports betting is what is most appealing. At any time, customers can make deposits into their DraftKings account in person at a Boost Mobile store. 

Boost will also have feature sports betting contests and interesting promotions that could be exclusive to those customers only. This is only going to be available where DraftKings is legal in that specific state. 

Boost Mobile is part of Dish Network’s portfolio of content. This is not the first time that these two companies have teamed up. 

Dish had integrated the use of DraftKings’ betting application on the Dish TV Hopper. This allowed fans to access DraftKings right through their TV. 

The combination of DraftKings and Dish (Boost Mobile) once again creates a further round of competitive advantages that not many other companies are doing. This enhancement creates another avenue for sports bettors through mobile, besides an app, and of course with TV. 

The functionality of this Deal

As mentioned, the deal includes Boost Mobile customers being able to fund their DraftKings account in-store. But there are other things to keep an eye on. 

This includes the special promotions that come with being a customer to both. Depending on when you sign up, you could receive attractive incentives and bonus offers to fund your DraftKings account. 

Furthermore, there are great contests to consider during important betting opportunities throughout the year. Some of these will be exclusive to DraftKings and Boost customers only, so be sure to check the terms and conditions beforehand. 

More to Come in the Betting Industry

If this deal proves to be successful, which arguably sounds like a great first step, then you could see more sportsbooks combine with other mobile networks. A lot of people have not had many positive or negative things to say about this deal because they do not know what to make of it. 

The real bonuses here are the ease of funding your account and having access to exclusive promotions provided by DraftKings. If they offered this to everyone, then, of course, it would not be special. 

This move will help some in reaching out further to customers who may or may not enjoy sports betting. This could work in their favor or backfire, but the company is not hurting either way. DraftKings will most likely find a way to make this profitable and Boost Mobile happens to be along for the ride. 

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