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Bettor hits 15 bets in a row just to lose the last one, but still hits the jackpot

Bettor hits 15 bets in a row just to lose the last one, but still hits the jackpot

by Allyson ParkSeptember 24, 2021

An NFL bettor bet a $25 free bet in a 16-team, Week 2 parlay to win more than $726,000, but ultimately lost in the final bet on Monday Night Football when the Detroit Lions lost. Everything looked dismal, as they had come so close to end up so far away, but then BetMGM stepped in and gave this bettor a good ending to this insane and initially disappointing story.

This bettor, whose name has not been released, received $133,000 from BetMGM, despite missing the last bet of the moneyline parlay when the Detroit Lions lost 17-35 against the Green Bay Packers on Monday evening. This $25 bet would have been worth exactly $726,959 if the Lions won that game as huge underdogs.

BetMGM announced this news over their official Twitter on Wednesday, tweeting, “Yup, you heard the news correctly…We sorted this player out with a cool $133,000 before Monday night’s game.” Under the statement was attached a funny gif of James Franco winking.

At first, it seemed like everything was going to turn up in the bettor’s favor. Despite entering the game as 11.5 point underdogs, the Detroit Lions started off the night strong, taking a 14-7 lead early and trailing 17-14 at halftime. However, the second half proved to be disastrous, and the game ended with the Lions stumbling hard against the Packers and losing the game 17-35.

It was a little bit of a confusing situation, but it ended up working out exceptionally well for this particular bettor. Typically, cash-outs are not redeemable for wagers made on free bets, but BetMGM made the exception for this bettor, since they hit 15 of 16 bets. This included five underdogs, one of which was the Detroit Lions, the team the bettor picked for Monday night’s game. They essentially correctly picked every single winning team for Week 2, except for the last game.

The news that a bettor had a potential cash-out of $726,000 if the Detroit Lions won their Week 2 game against the Green Bay Packers broke early last week, leading to a lot of NFL fans watching the game with this bettor in mind. Even though things did not go perfectly, the better certainly does not have anything to complain about, as they are walking away with $133,000. They accurately predicted 15 of 16 Week 2 games, even with five of their bets being placed on underdog teams. That in itself is a huge betting feat, so they deserve the cash-out that they received.

Here are the wagers in the crazy Week 2 parlay:

Washington Football Team -175 Win
Chicago Bears -130 Win
Cleveland Browns -650 Win
Los Angeles Rams -190 Win
Buffalo Bills -175 Win
New England Patriots -250 Win
San Francisco 49ers -160 Win
Las Vegas Raiders +190 Win
Carolina Panthers +150 Win
Denver Broncos -275 Win
Arizona Cardinals -175 Win
Tampa Bay Buccaneers -650 Win
Dallas Cowboys +135 Win
Tennessee Titans +190 Win
Baltimore Ravens +180 Win
Detroit Lions +400 Loss

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