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BettHouse Sportsbook is Your Best Bet

BettHouse Sportsbook is Your Best Bet

by Tanner KernJune 27, 2021

If you have never heard of BettHouse Sportsbook, this will likely change soon. 

New sports betting operators are developing throughout the United States as legal wagering continues to surge in the country. For a new sportsbook to be recognized in the current industry, it must be unique.

DraftKings and FanDuel dominate legal wagering, but many promising sportsbooks are rejuvenating the industry. One brand that is continuing to turn heads is BettHouse.

BettHouse Sportsbook is unique, and it’s the reason why the platform has the industry buzzing.

According to CEO Steve Berman, “Betthouse is the sportsbook for sports fans.”

Berman’s statement could not be more accurate. If you are on the edge of your seat for every moment of a competition, Betthouse Sportsbook is your best bet.

Micro Wagers Help You Win

Sportsbooks offer live betting, but micro wagers are not common in the industry. BettHouse is creating a product where micro wagers are the foundation of the sportsbook.

On the site, you can bet on every possession and a variety of player outcomes for every market. There is a multitude of reasons why micro wagers are outstanding for bettors.

Sports betting is about winning, and micro wagers give you an excellent chance to bet successfully. Quick wagers turn into rapid payouts, and you are able to earn more rewards.

Time kills bets, which is why the micro wager concept gives power to bettors.

It’s All About Moments

Typical bets are placed before a game occurs, and bettors are forced to wait until the clock hits 00:00 to see if they win. Sports are special because of the moments within a game.

However, a pregame wager on the money line or spread does not allow you to capitalize on moments within a contest.

BettHouse forms its wagers around plays, at-bats, drives, free throws, and other small events. Small events create moments that determine final outcomes.

Micro wagers are the centerpiece of BettHouse because the company understands that true sports fans never want the action to stop.

BettHouse is the Change We Need in Sports Betting

Sports betting in the United States is just beginning, but the industry is already being diluted by sportsbooks that offer the same betting markets and similar wagers.

If you need a change, make sure to keep an eye on BettHouse. The sportsbook secured market access in Iowa, and the goal is to expand to multiple states in the coming months.

If you have never bet before, there is a zero learning curve with BettHouse because of its micro wager philosophy. As a result, you will quickly understand how to utilize the platform and place swift bets to capitalize on all the action.

All sportsbooks have done in the United States since the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act was repealed is become more complicated. BettHouse believes moments are for everyone, and that’s why they are emphasizing simplicity on the platform.

If you would like to learn more about BettHouse, please visit their website. You can enter your email to be added to the site’s mailing list. This will give you an early indication of when BettHouse will go live in your state.

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