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Betsperts Announces Funding & Acquisition of 4for4

Betsperts Announces Funding & Acquisition of 4for4

by Vincent PensabeneAugust 27, 2021

Betsperts has officially announced their funding and acquisition of 4for4. For those of you who are unfamiliar with either company, let’s begin with Betsperts.

Betsperts is a platform in which bettors can crowdsource their opinions on wagers in multiple sports and create their own feed where they can get notified when someone they follow has announced what bet they are going to place. It’s a fun website for those who want to feel vindicated about their wagers and get some additional information about their picks.

4For4 is a Fantasy Football premium subscription website that provides rankings, analysis, and decision-making tools to help Fantasy Football managers get an edge on the rest of their league.

Betsperts does not allow users to hide their betting statistics, so that is going to be interesting when diving into the world of Fantasy Football. I’m not particularly sure how these two companies intertwine with one another outside of DFS picks. However, this definitely helps Betsperts get their foot in the door to a completely different consumer that does not dive into betting but is a huge proponent for fantasy sports.

What exactly does this mean?

In terms of 4For4, this is a great acquisition for them as getting betting tools for football can be a major hassle when trying to understand and dissect all of the news to decipher what is relevant and which is not. The Twitter account of 4For4 currently has 47.1K followers as of this writing, and getting the eyeballs on the main brand of Betsperts is going to do wonders.

Betsperts has officially announced their funding and acquisition of 4for4, just in time for the start of the 2021 NFL Season.

It should be no surprise that the news is dropping right at the end of the NFL Preseason, as you want to get some brand recognition before the 2021 NFL season officially kicks off. The financial situation of the purchase of 4For4 has not been disclosed, and it should not be for those interested in that, but the 4For4 brand does get a good amount of engagements throughout their multiple social media platforms.

This is something that happens a lot in the business world, where businesses try to get their foot in the door and acquire successful brands to join under their umbrella. There are some questions as it is still unknown if Betsperts will keep 4For4 running as is or will try to rebrand themselves in their regular image. It seems like the smarter move is to keep them the exact same. Otherwise, they risk losing the loyal consumers of that website.

Final Thoughts

This seems like a seamless transition as Betsperts continues to try to increase its audience throughout all different segments of the sports betting world. Getting a subscription website seems to be an interesting tactic, though unless they decide to allow one subscription to include both websites, potentially at a premium price point. Hopefully, Betsperts has a plan on what they are deciding and are not flying blind because this acquisition could potentially pay them tenfold in eyeballs and cash.


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