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Stat Hero is Changing the DFS Game

Stat Hero is Changing the DFS Game

by Ryan KnuppelOctober 5, 2020

Tired of facing sharks and pros in daily fantasy sports? takes the headache out of the game and instead creates an opportunity for players to win consistent money and do so while setting themselves up for a massive payday in the process.

Stat Hero is the first daily fantasy sports format of its kind, as it creates a tournament-style format, but the payout structure is unique and entirely different in relation to the rest of the DFS world. Let’s take a look at what Stat Hero does, how players can win, and deep dive into the newest DFS structure.

How to Play Stat Hero

The motto and structure are pretty direct, because if you’re able to create a lineup that’s better than Stat Hero’s, then it means you’ve made money for that day. Players will be able to see the lineup which State Hero creates and you’ll then select your team and go toe-to-toe for the cash, a place in the next round, and your next step towards the grand prize.

In survivor contests, players will select four to five players, depending on which sport they’re playing, but here’s the catch:

Each player selected is from the same team … with the exception of round one.

Players will receive the chance to add one wildcard player from any team during the first round, but every team you choose must be done carefully, as the rules of survivor pick ’em pools will apply here.

New Round? New Team vs. Stat Hero

The first thought which could come to the minds of a daily fantasy player is to just stack the top offense in whichever sport you’re playing and to do so each week. But after you use a team one time and fill out the four-to-five player roster, you’ll then need to choose an entirely different team in each round to follow.

Teams can only be used once per contest, which opens things up quite a bit and can help to narrow down the field quite a bit during each round. In turn, this could mean more money quicker for those fantasy players who use their best teams in good spots and find great value teams as well.

Payouts Model

The payout model for Stat Hero is fairly simple and straightforward, but it certainly can pay out early and often. Although it’s a multi-day daily fantasy game, the players who advance in each round will win money in the process. All the while, they’ll also set themselves up for a shot at the top prize on the final leg of the contest.

Half of the total price generated will go to the last remaining survivor in the game while the other half goes into the round-by-round prize pool. Based on the site’s payout example, a 200-player tournament in which 50 players are eliminated in round one of a $40 game and 70 more are eliminated in round two, would net each player $48.33, meaning you’d already be in the green at that point.

Splitting The Pot

One noteworthy aspect of the Stat Hero model that’s interesting is the option for the final 10% of players in each survivor contest to potentially opt to “split the pot.” Just as it sounds, this means that players would take the remaining money and split it up among anyone remaining in the action.

The option to split the pot will only happen if every single player votes for it to play out that way – it must be unanimous. If it is not unanimous, the contest goes until all players either vote to split, or there is one final winner who takes home the final prize.

Jason Jaramillo – The Brains Behind Stat Hero

Jason Jaramillo is the CEO and brains behind Stat Hero. If you’d like to hear a little more about Stat Hero and the evolving DFS world, check out the interview from the Knup Sports Show below. Jason recently had a little chat with Ryan Knuppel, CEO of Knup Solutions. Check it out!!

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