How to Bet the NBA Playoffs

There are quite a few ways to look at betting on the NBA Playoffs.  It starts with the option to bet on a team to win the NBA Championship, then goes into specific series’ and which team will win each one and in how many games, and then goes into things like prop bets and point spread bets on each game.  Today though, we are going to look at some general online sports betting strategy for betting on the NBA Playoffs to make sure that we are constantly bringing in a profit.  I’m going to cover many different things including the best betting options to look for, and also how to make a profit when betting on each part of the NBA Playoffs.

Betting the Potential Winner

This is a very tough betting option, because betting on the favorite isn’t necessarily the best bet available on the board.  While betting on one of the teams who comes in as a top three or four favorite is a pretty solid idea, specifically going with the top dog isn’t always a lock, and it may not be a great bet because of the odds that go along with it.  This means that you should simply look at who has been playing the best all around basketball, and also who is the best all around TEAM too before placing your bet.

Exact Games in a Series

This bet is one that can have some great odds if you are able to pin point how many games that a series is going to go.  A lot will come down to how well the two teams match up against each other, and also how well they have been playing up until the playoffs as well.  Keep an eye on this bet, but don’t over bet on this option because some crazy things can happen in an NBA Playoff series, and you should always expect the unexpected.

Looking at Each Betting Option for Specific Games

We all hear the hype about the point spread and who the favorite and underdog in the games are, but that doesn’t mean that the point spread bet is the best option on the board.  You should always look at game props and player props for strong betting options, and never overlook the options like the over/under and even the money line at times.  You need to give yourself some time daily to be able to look through the many betting options available on each game, because sports betting sites will offer a ton of different options for each of the games in the NBA Playoffs.

In general, betting on the NBA Playoffs can be a lot of fun, but it’s also something that requires some good money management with all of the betting options that are available.  Lay out a solid plan from the word go to make sure that you are prepared for the multiple different bets that are offered on the playoffs, and also don’t burn through cash on long shot bets either!