How to Bet Sports Events

Listed below is a guide to all of the major sporting events covered here at Betting Blogger.  Also, see our detailed Sports schedule of events for more information on dates.

NCAA Men’s College Basketball Championship

The men’s college basketball final four and the national championship is fast approaching and we’ll have the inside scoop on who to pick, what to wager, and where to put all that money when you win!

  • NCAA Men’s College Basketball Betting

World Series

The baseball World Series is the largest watched MLB baseball game every season.  The American League champion and the National League champion play to take home the title of World Series Champion.

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is arguably the largest sporting event of them all.  This is the National Football Leagues championship game.  Typically played in early February, the most recent Super Bowl was the most watched television show of all-time.

Stanley Cup

The Stanley Cup is the championship game of the National Hockey League.  Hockey teams each year have one goal in mind and thats to get their name on the coveted Stanley Cup.

March Madness

March Madness is college basketballs sporting event to end the year.  64 teams make the final tournament and compete to reach the Final Four and eventually be called the champion of college hoops.

Final Four

Much like March Madness, the Final Four is what the small tournament is called once there are only 4 college basketball teams remaining.  This has turned into quite an entertaining sporting event for all college hoops fans.

NBA All Star Game

The NBA All Star game is a once a year sporting event where the best of the best basketball players come together for an All-Star game.  They hold a dunk contest, three point contest, Rookie game and more.

NBA Championship

The NBA Championship is basically the Superbowl of the NBA.  It’s the final 7 game series between the two best teams in basketball.  This sporting event typically lasts a couple weeks and gets some good betting action as well.

  • NBA Championship Betting

World Cup

The World Cup is the largest soccer tournament in the world.  This sporting event attracts fans of all race, sex and ages!  It’s also one of the largest bet on events in the world.


Wimbledon is a very prestigious tennis tournament.  This sporting event is awesome to watch if you are a mens or womens tennis fan.

US Open Betting

The US Open is another great tennis sporting event.

The Masters

The Masters golf tournament is what every professional golfer dreams of winning.  You win the “green jacket” if you win this event.  Once a year the Masters rolls around.

British Open Championship

The British Open Championship golf tournament is held in July each year and has quickly emerged as one of the top golf tournaments around.  It’s a great event to bet on and look forward to each summer

Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is one of the premier horse racing events in the world.