Badugi Poker

Badugi poker is a poker game played with four cards. This game focuses on a low hand, not high. In addition, you get three different rounds of drawing cards to complete your hands. The best hand you can get in Badugi is an Ace-2-3-4, in all different suits.

When Badugi poker begins, each player is dealt four cards face down on the table. Each player will evaluate their hand and begin to place bets. It isn’t common for players to toss out their cards and exit the game at the first round of card dealing because there are three rounds of cards being dealt to the players. After the bets take place, each player can choose to discard 0-4 cards and have new cards. They can exchange them for new cards. Once the players have received their new cards, more betting will take place. The second round and the third round, players can choose new cards and continue more betting. On the final round of betting, players will reveal their hands.

The best Badugi hand is one with different suits and different ranks also. The goal is to get the four lowest cards possible at the end of the rounds. A four card hand will always beat a three card hand. The lowest cards win. This means, the best hands include four aces of all different suits, three aces and a two of all different suits, two aces and two twos, etc. The lowest cards of different suits are the best hand and are the winning hand.

The lowest high card in Badugi poker wins. You might think you have the best hand and not. Here is an example. If you have an ace of spades, a two of hearts, a three of clubs, and a ten of diamonds, it may appear you have an excellent hand. However, if your opponent has a four of spades, a five of clubs, a six of diamonds, and an eight of hearts, your opponent wins the hand. Also, a four card hand beats a three card hand. If you have two diamonds, then one of your diamonds doesn’t count, causing you to have a three card hand. This means you can have all twos of different suits and a three of hearts that is the same suit as one of your twos. Your opponent might have a higher hand and even a king. Because your opponent had four cards, he is the winner. If you and your opponent end up with a three card hand because of two of the same suit, then the player with the lowest cards wins.

When playing Badugi poker, you get three chances to trade in your cards for more cards. One thing to remember is that you might have four cards of different suits on the final draw with a queen in your hand. Although, the queen might seem like a high card, if you take the risk of getting a lower card and get a card of the same suit you already hold in your hand, you have just caused your hand to be a four card hand. A four card hand wins over a three card hand. The worst hand you can get, but is still a badugi is all kings of different suits. You can still win with all kings if you have a four card hand.