Rolling in Luck: An In-Depth Review of LuckyLand Social Casino

Welcome to our review of LuckyLand, a thrilling online social casino in the US. If you’re seeking casual slot gaming, LuckyLand is your destination. Our review provides a comprehensive look into the site’s functionality, prize opportunities, and available payment options. Read on to discover more about this exciting operator.


At LuckyLand social casino, you can’t get a typical welcome bonus with real money. Instead, new players can claim 50,000 gold coins for only $5, compared to the usual price of 37,000 coins for $10. You can use these coins to play LuckyLand slots. Registering your mobile number will also receive 10 SC (sweepstakes coins) worth $1 each, which can be redeemed for cash prizes after you play through them. You can earn more SCs by buying and playing with gold coins, but keep in mind this is a social casino, and no cash playing is allowed. However, if you collect enough SCs, you can win great prizes.

Rewards and Loyalty Programs

LuckyLand social casino offers two different reward options for its players. The first reward program is a tiered system that rewards players for their level of play. As players gain experience points through gameplay, they will rise through the different tiers, starting with the bronze level and ending with the diamond level. In addition, each tier offers a boost on gold coin purchases and increasing amounts of free spin power.

The second reward program is a daily reward program that provides players with sweepstakes coins, which can be redeemed for fantastic prizes. For example, this week, players can claim 0.3 SCs each day, with the final day offering the chance to claim 1 SC, which is nearly $3 worth of sweepstakes coins.


The LuckyLand social casino homepage is quite a spectacle to the eyes. At first glance, it features a lot of animation and a bold color scheme of bright and colorful backgrounds that may be overwhelming. However, you tend to get accustomed to its appearance after some time. This may not be the ideal choice for those who prefer a more minimalistic look. However, if you enjoy vibrant colors and a lively vibe, you will surely appreciate the energy of the LuckyLand online casino.

Navigating the actual site is effortless, with slots easy to find. The homepage is well-organized, with everything you need to start playing displayed at the top of the page. From buying coins to redeeming rewards, checking out live events, or adjusting settings, the homepage has you covered. You can modify the volume of your music and game sounds in the top right-hand corner. The terms and conditions and privacy policy are also readily accessible.

The site operates flawlessly, with slots and pages loading quickly and smoothly. There are no delays or stuttering. While some may wish to change the design aspect of the site, it functions exactly as it should. New players should have no issues getting started, and we can confidently say that LuckyLand casino has one of the most seamless platforms among the gambling reviews we have conducted.

Banking and Payments

The LuckyLand online casino offers players a good range of payment options, including Skrill, Paysafecard, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Trustly, and major US banks. The payment process is fast and easy, and the player’s account is instantly credited with gold coins and sweepstakes coins after making a purchase. Players simply provide their bank details to redeem prizes, and the rewards will be directly credited to their account. The processing time for prize clearance varies based on the payment method, with bank transfers taking up to 5 days and debit/credit card transactions clearing in 2 business days.

Customer Service

LuckyLand online casino offers outstanding customer service. The only improvement could be adding more ways for users to contact support. Users can only email the support team, who typically reply within 24 hours, but response time can vary. The site also has a comprehensive FAQ section for basic questions.

Our personal experience with LuckyLand’s support team was positive. They were extremely helpful and professional, answering all of our questions about the site’s operations. Although our rating of their customer support may be higher, LuckyLand’s support staff more than meets our expectations.

Pros and Cons


  • Amazing customer support
  • Various slot games
  • Redeemable rewards


  • The homepage is not aesthetically pleasing and too cluttered

License and Security

When playing on the LuckyLand online casino, players want to ensure that the site is licensed by a recognized gambling regulator. To put their minds at ease, we will answer the question, “Is LuckyLand social casino legitimate?” This is important to know, even though it is only a social casino. The legality of playing on the site depends on your state in the US.

Out of the 49 states in the US, almost all of them allow residents to play at social casinos, which means it is highly likely that you are in a state that permits you to use LuckyLand casino. Because of this, LuckyLand online casino is fully licensed and regulated by the gaming authority in your state. This means they have undergone the necessary procedures and checks to operate legally in your area.

Regarding security, players can feel confident that their login information and banking details are protected on the LuckyLand online casino site. In addition, the site uses strong encryption software to secure your information, making it nearly impossible for any malicious third parties or hackers to access it. As a result, you can enjoy playing your favorite slots on the platform without worrying about the safety of your personal information. So, is LuckyLand social casino legitimate? Based on our assessment, we believe it is.


LuckyLand social casino has many appealing features. Registering your phone number is quick and easy, allowing you to claim sweepstakes coins. Alternatively, you can purchase gold coins and simply enjoy playing. While more slot titles would be a nice addition, the platform offers entertainment for casual casino gamers who want to have fun without the pressure of real money stakes. Overall, we will rate it a 4.2/5.