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Portugal vs Germany Prediction

Portugal vs Germany Prediction

by Jack CohenJune 18, 2021

Portugal vs Germany Prediction – Portugal and Germany face off on Saturday, June 19 at 12:00 pm EST. Two of the top soccer teams in the tournament are going to have an important battle here in the group of death—Group F. Portugal is fresh off a win against Hungary that was closer than the scoreline may indicate. Germany is fresh off a loss that was closer than the scoreline may also indicate.

This is a must win game for Germany and one that Portugal would really love to have a few points from to go into their final match against France, which will be one tall task.

Portugal’s Ways to Win

Portugal played a less than stellar game against Hungary. They got a decent break for their first goal and a generous penalty for the second. Quite frankly, Hungary deserved at least a draw in that game and they played Portugal very well. Portugal have a brilliant attack with the likes of Ronaldo, Bruno Fernandos, Diego Jota, Bernarndo Silva, and plenty more to bring on.

Germany’s defensive shape has holes and is not the most pacey. They don’t do fantastically with deep runs into the corner. Portugal can really score plenty of goals against this German team if they show a lot of energy in the final third and take them on. They are some of the most talented individual players and all they need is one shot to score. Neuer is one of the best goalies in soccer right now, and it will take quite a hit to get by him, but Ronaldo can surely find a way.

Germany’s Ways to Win

The issue with Germany currently is that their formation feels wrong. They play with three in the back, but that somehow means Kimmich ends up on the wing where he is wildly out of position. Joshua Kimmich is arguably the best central defensive midfielders in the world, so Germany needs to find a way to get him in the middle on the ball.

Against a Portugal team who will really shove numbers forward with a lot of pace and talent, they are going to need someone like Kimmich who can control the tempo of the game. France seemed to really have a lot of the ball and move it wherever they wanted to on the field, and Portugal will gladly do the same. They have the talent to do so. Germany needs to sort out their positioning and find a way to get their lineup in positions that they are comfortable in because it isn’t working right now and it won’t get them far.

Portugal vs Germany Prediction

Germany has a great track record against Portugal in years past, but the team just doesn’t look great right now. They have all the pieces to the puzzle. It just seems that they can’t quite sort out what that puzzle should look like. On the other side of the ball, Portugal knows exactly what they need to do. Their performance against Hungary was worrisome, but I credit that to a good performance by Hungary than a weak Portuguese side. This is a game of goals and will be a battle of offenses. I feel a draw is in order, but I want to pick a winner, and it goes to Portugal.

Prediction: Portugal 3 Germany 2

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