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Manchester United’s Takeover in the Final Stages as Sir Jim Ratcliffe Becomes the Favorite Amid Stiff Competition

Manchester United’s Takeover in the Final Stages as Sir Jim Ratcliffe Becomes the Favorite Amid Stiff Competition

by Nelson NelsMay 12, 2023

Just after Chelsea’s dramatic sale, Manchester United is next, and the process is nearing conclusion with potential buyers having already submitted their bids.

Although high bidders have tabled their bids, the final decision may not be announced this weekend as fans anticipate the quickest transition.

Ratcliffe, the British-born billionaire, is leading the way and has kept his competitors on their toes. However, his closest competitor Qatari Sheikh Jassim Bin Hamad Al Thani, may still pull a surprise and make a huge final bid.

The deadline for the final bids has already passed, but there seems there is still room for further maneuvers, which will likely change the net ownership’s course.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s Deal Didn’t Please The Fans

As bids came through, Sir Jim Ratcliffe had an inclusion that didn’t go well with fans. He proposed to have Joel and Avram Glazer remain at the club. Fans matched on the street protesting the inclusion as they wanted a full safe.

Including the Glazer family might still retain the problems currently at Old Trafford, and fans believe new owners must come up with new things to implement for a better club.

Fans believe that The Glazer family has led to the current club’s problem that has seen them not win major leagues for several years.

The American pair are happy to stay to maximize their ownership at Manchester United. Fans believe Glacier’s exit will bring fans closer to the team and have some of them onboard to represent their fanbase.

Jim valid Manchester United over £5bn, which keeps him above the competitors. According to the Raine Group, currently running the club sale, they are closing to the final stages of the takeover and are likely to announce the winner soon.

If Ratcliffe’s bid succeeds, then his club ownership would be 50%, while the other two Glaciers each have 25% ownership. With such a huge investment, Ratcliffe will be able to have more money to boost the club infrastructure and invest in the team’s squad strengthening.

Who is Likely to Take Over Manchester United?

An eleventh-hour bid is almost coming up, with Sheikh Jassim still working hard to outdoor the favorite bidder Ratcliffe who has already pleased the owners.

If his final bid will outdoor Ratcliffe, they may be the club’s new owners. The final offer that the Quataris had submitted was £5bn. If the offer is accepted, the Glazers will be out of the club with new ownership.

Manchester United fans hope to see Sheikh Jassim take over the club and revamp it according to the proposal.

However, the decision still remains in the hands of the current owners, who have already given a clue as to where they may fall with Ratcliffe’s deal so enticing to them.

In the last stages of the takeover, all the participants will be shown the club’s financial status, and that is where the winner will finalize the takeover. After confirming the buyer, the Raine Group will make the final announcement as to who will run the club.

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