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Euro 2020 Quarter-Final Betting Odds and Tips

Euro 2020 Quarter-Final Betting Odds and Tips

by Jack CohenJune 28, 2021

If you are interested in Euro 2020 Quarter Final betting stick around and read this article before placing any bets.

Three out of the four quarter-final matchups are set. Switzerland upset France in penalties and will face a Spanish team coming off a high-scoring overtime battle with Croatia. The favorites Belgium convincingly took down Portugal and will face Italy, a powerhouse as of late. The final game already set in Denmark and the Czech Republic where two red hot underdogs will try to enter the semi-finals much to everybody’s surprise.

Odds are already out and this tournament is really starting to pick up and open up, which means there is money to be made. Upsets will surely happen, and goals are flying left and right. Here are some of our betting tips for the rest of the Euros.

Euro 2020 Quarter Final Betting – Nothing is Guaranteed

If this tournament has taught us anything so far, it is that anybody can beat anybody. Soccer is a game where it really could be decided by which team decided to show up that day, and we have seen just that. The Czech Republic took down a really strong Netherlands side simply because they worked harder. Denmark beat a Welsh team convincingly because they wanted it more. Switzerland played tooth and nail against France and took the result there. This late in the tournament, nobody deserves to be a deep underdog. 

Switzerland deserves far better odds than +400 against Spain. After all, they just beat the World Cup champions – France. Belgium, the tournament’s favorite, has +220 against Italy. How is that fair? These are two bets worth throwing something at because they are just too good of odds. These are 50/50 games. Sure, Spain is the better team, but they surely haven’t been playing like it. They don’t deserve to be the heavy favorites here. Italy is playing lights out, but Belgium is a fantastic squad. They warrant more than +220 odds. Any of these games can truly be won by anyone, underdog straight bets are money makers here.

Bet the Over 

This pandemic season has been incredibly long and the turnaround into Euros was quite short. Players and coaches were already scared to throw around the word fatigue after the first game of this Euros, and it’s starting to show here. Goals weren’t being scored much in the first few games, but the Round of 16 saw a plethora of high-goal games. This is as many teams starting to find their rhythm as it is, teams simply getting exhausted. A lot of these goals are coming late in the game because defenders’ legs are starting to feel like cement at this stage in the tournament. Goals are going to come and go per usual in the first half, but once the second half starts and the clock starts ticking past the hour mark, attackers are going to want it and defenders are not going to have the energy to stop them. 

2.5 as the over/under will require three goals and the majority of the Round of 16 games had it. With these over bets at +100 or greater, betting on all the overs would be a wise move. There are no teams left that don’t know how to score. Bet the over.

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