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Euro 2020: Belgium vs Finland Prediction

Euro 2020: Belgium vs Finland Prediction

by Jack CohenJune 20, 2021

Euro 2020: Belgium vs Finland Prediction – The final match of Euro 2020 Group B begins at 3:00 pm EST on Monday, June 21. Belgium, who have had a successful campaign so far with two wins, sit in first place in the group. Finland has one win and one loss and are in third because of their head-to-head result with Russia, who also have three points. Belgium are just about locked in to the knockout stages while Finland desperately needs a result here.

If Russia loses, Finland needs only one point. If Russia draws, Finland needs a win. And if Russia wins, Finland will finish in third and their Euro 2020 campaign will be over.

Belgium’s Ways to Win

De Bruyne back and healthy is massive for Belgium. He led the attack with pace and ran at defenders with intensity during the Denmark game. His go ahead goal epitomized the need for someone like De Bruyne. He helped the attack immensely. Early Danish efforts were very dangerous and Courtois had his hands full.

The Belgian defense is normally very solid, but even a really poor mistake led to Denmark’s only goal. And there were a few other chances that could have Denmark up even more. Belgium will face a Finnish attack that they have probably never played before, and need to be a lot more consistent to not give up careless goals.

They have a terrifying attack with Lukaku, Hazard, and De Bruyne. They just need to use them together. There is sometimes a reliance from the supporting cast to wait for one of the stars to do it themselves, which results in a stale attack. Belgium wins pound for pound and needs to use it.

Finland’s Ways to Win

Surprisingly enough, Finland has done very well against Belgium historically. In their last seven meetings, Finland won three and drew four. The last time they won? 1968. This game is going to be a tough one, though, and Belgium will not take their foot of the gas just because they are more or less through to the knockout phase.

Belgium showed that they make mistakes in the back. They are not perfect. Finland needs to play with a lot of confidence high up on the field in the attacking third. That means going at Belgian defenders with pace and decisive movements. When they lose the ball, they need to press hard to win it back. Put the Belgians under immense pressure and see how their composure is. They cannot let the names on the Belgian roster intimidate them. Press high on goal kicks. Finland have shown they have grit and tenacity. They need to bring that to the table and fight to keep their campaign alive.

Belgium vs Finland Prediction

Belgium are going to break history in this match. They are too strong a side, although they might not be the tournament favorites anymore after their recent results. However, they are the better team and have tremendous amounts of skill. De Bruyne should be completely healthy and ready to play more minutes, and will be helpful for Belgium to unlock an inexperienced Finnish defense.

Prediction: Belgium 2 Finland 1

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