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2023 Stanley Cup Betting Guide

2023 Stanley Cup Betting Guide

by William BerentsApril 8, 2023

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are almost here. The regular season is coming to a close, with several teams making a final push for desirable positioning within the tournament. Some teams, such as the Boston Bruins, have their spot locked up.

With big championship tournaments comes big betting. The odds for who wins the 2023 Stanley Cup are sure to shift somewhat before the regular season officially ends, but we’re taking a look at where things stand today. Let’s dive in.

Beast in the East

The Boston Bruins are the clear favorite to win it all at +380. Those odds are well-deserved. They’ve had an absolutely remarkable season highlighted by dominant stretches. They have the best record in the NHL and have already secured the number-one seed in the eastern conference.

With 127 points earned through 61 wins, 12 losses in regulation and 5 losses in overtime, the Bruins have been far and away the best team in the NHL all season. Of course, the playoffs are a completely different animal. Anything can change, including the Bruins’ dominant play, so don’t consider them a lock to win it all.

Trouble in the West

Way behind the Bruins yet in second-place odds-wise is the Colorado Avalanche. Vegas sees their chances at +700, a noticeable leap from the favored Bruins. However, the Avalanche should not be disrespected, as they’re the reigning Stanley Cup champions.

It’s important to note that the western conference has been far weaker than the east this season. The Avalanche have the best record in the central division, yet are still far behind the league-leading Bruins with only 100 points. It really seems as though all the best teams are in the east this year, so be careful when betting on western conference teams.

We The North

Behind Colorado is the Toronto Maple Leafs with +900 odds. The Maple Leafs have been solid, currently residing in second-place in the Atlantic division behind Boston.

But Toronto always manages to disappoint come playoff time, including last season when they were bounced in the first round after a stellar regular season performance. Sure, it came at the hands of a dominant Tampa Bay Lightning team, but it was still a depressing end to a great year. No matter how good they are, Toronto usually finds a way to have their promise extinguished in the first round.

Storm on the Horizon

The fourth-favored Carolina Hurricanes currently stand at +1000 to win the Stanley Cup, but I personally see them as a legitimate threat to win it all. They have the lead in the metropolitan division with 109 points through 50 wins, 19 losses in regulation and 9 losses in overtime. It’s also notable that they’ve gone toe-to-toe with the Bruins three times this season, beating them once and losing the other two games by just one goal (including one shootout loss).

It looks as though Carolina has a solid chance of dethroning the Bruins and winning the eastern conference, which would put them on a path to the championship. Considering the payout and their real chances of winning it all, picking the Hurricanes may be the best bet.

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