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NFL Teams Who Can Surpass Their Total Wins

NFL Teams Who Can Surpass Their Total Wins

by Vincent GrazianoJuly 21, 2021

Kansas City Chiefs (over 12 total wins)

How can this team possibly lose more than 4 games. With a 12-5 record being a push I am more than comfortable with the over. 

The Chiefs have not lost more than 4 games in their past 3 seasons, and I don’t see that changing this year. The Chiefs addressed their glaring issue from last season which was their offensive line. Orlando Brown Jr, Joe Thuney, and draft pick Creed Humphrey are going to improve this offensive line dramatically. If they can give Mahomes a fraction more time than he had last season I do not see how any team can keep up with the Chiefs. 

This team did not lose any of their core three on offense; they still have Hill, Kelce, and Mahomes. They also have a workhorse running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire who had an amazing rookie season. 

Minnesota Vikings (over 8.5 total wins)

The only reason this win total is set so low is that the Vikings play a difficult schedule. Kirk Cousins does not get enough credit. He is an extremely solid quarterback and has 3 of the best-skill players in the league around him. Dalvin Cook, Justin Jefferson, and Adam Thielen are three of the most explosive players in the NFL all on the same team with a solid offensive line and an underrated quarterback in Cousins.

The Viking division should not give them much trouble with Rodgers looking like he won’t play for Green Bay, the Bears who are in rebuilding mode, and the Lions who are set to face struggles this season after trading away Matt Stafford. I would think they should get at least 4 wins from their division. 

They play the AFC North which they should grab at least 2 wins in those matchups. I think they could beat any team on their schedule and I think this will be a playoff team. I don’t think the Vikings will have any trouble winning 9 games this year.

Jacksonville Jaguars (over 6.5 total wins) 

I love how this Jaguars roster is shaping up. They just drafted one of the most talented quarterbacks to ever play college football and are returning one of the more talented receiving corps in the league.

Lawrence has never lost a regular-season game and Urban Meyer is a head coach who knows how to win games. With a solid defense, this team will be in a position to win games. 

The Jaguars play a relatively easy schedule. They will meet the depleted Texans twice along with the Broncos, Bengals, and Jets. These are all games they should be favored to win so you figure if they pick up four of these 5 they should be in a good spot to pick up a few more wins. They should be able to pick up at least one win against either the Colts or Titans and that leaves them with just 2 wins needed.

I think this Jaguars team is going to be competitive with most teams on their schedule and I do not see them failing to win games with a man under center who knows nothing about losing. 

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