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Should the Miami Dolphins Trade for Deshaun Watson?

Should the Miami Dolphins Trade for Deshaun Watson?

by Aaron AboodiFebruary 6, 2021

2020-21 Stat Comparisons

Deshaun Watson: 

  • 16 games played
  • 382/544 – 70.2% completion percentage
  • 4,823 yards
  • 33 touchdown passes
  • 7 interceptions
  • QB Rating – 112.4
  • Team Record: 4 wins – 12 losses

Tua Tagovailoa:

  • 9 games played
  • 186/290 – 64.1% completion percentage
  • 1,814 yards
  • 11 touchdown passes
  • 5 interceptions
  • QB Rating – 87.1
  • Team Record: 10 wins – 6 losses

In his rookie season, Tua was able to accomplish 6 wins in the games he started. Watson was able to start every game in his long-awaited and highly anticipated second season where he earned 11 wins for his team reserving a spot for the Texans in the playoffs. 

Differentiating Their Game Style

It is no challenge in differentiating the two on the field. Deshaun has proven to be both a threat with the deep ball, accurate on short throws, and can beat you with his dominant speed and vision. On the other hand, Tua plays a much more conservative game hitting his slant and curl targets on a consistent basis.

Similarities Between the Quarterbacks

Both Deshaun and Tua present their respective teams the opportunity of having someone young at arguably the most important position in the sport. While Tua is 22 years old, Deshaun is only three years older at age 25. Both have the right of being a national champion as Deshaun brought Clemson a trophy and Tua brought Alabama a trophy.

Both quarterbacks are hungry for success. Since it’s been rumored the Dolphins have interest in pursuing Watson, Tua has stood his ground in saying, “I’m the Dolphins QB.” 

An unfortunate similarity between the two is that they are both prone to injury and that is something a team must consider in developing a trade. Tua suffered a hip injury back in 2019, ultimately ending his hopes of expected to being drafted as the #1 overall pick. Watson tore his ACL in 2017 when falling to the ground immediately in pain during a practice.

Should the Miami Dolphins Trade for Deshaun Watson?

I want to see Tua Tagovailoa in a Dolphins uniform when the NFL returns for next season. What we saw this 2020-21 NFL season was a young quarterback developing from game to game, becoming more comfortable with his role and learning how to navigate through the complicated defenses a lot of teams have learned to employ. 

This doesn’t mean I don’t think Deshaun Watson is a superstar athlete and great quarterback. In fact, I think he has the potential to be a future MVP, but I also think Tua has a very high ceiling and could be even better. Give Tua time, let him prove to the Dolphins organization that he belongs at the starting quarterback position.

Dolphins Have the #3 Overall Pick in 2021 Draft

In 2019, the Miami Dolphins acquired the Houston Texans first round pick by trading left tackle, Laremy Tunsil. In the 2021 NFL Draft, the Dolphins will have the 3rd overall pick as well as the 18th pick in the first round.

Who were Tuas’ key targets in his rookie campaign? DeVante Parker, Jakeem Grant, and Mike Gesicki. Certainly not big names around the league.

With the 3rd and 18th first round picks they have the ability to strengthen their wide receiver core as well as their offensive line. As they already have a stacked defense it makes total sense for them to provide additional support for their young quarterback. Depending on what the Jaguars and Jets do with their first round pick, there is the possibility Tua hooks up with his Alabama teammate and Heisman winner, Devonta Smith. 

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