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LSU vs Mississippi State Prediction & Football Odds for Week 4

LSU vs Mississippi State Prediction & Football Odds for Week 4

by Devin WeberSeptember 21, 2021

Quick Prediction:

  1. LSU will win the Game
  2. LSU will cover the spread
  3. The game will be over the total points. 

Both teams are entering week 4 with a 2-1 record. Mississippi State lost last week in a close game against Memphis. LSU won against Central Michigan in a blowout. 

This game will probably be close, and both teams are unranked. Making this a great matchup to end up in the top 25. Now let’s look at who’s the hotter team and how we have won the odds and the game. 

LSU vs Mississippi State Prediction: Spread

The spread of the game is LSU winning the game by 2.5 or more points, according to PointsBet. We have LSU covering the spread, and the main reasoning is that 2.5 is a very close spread. This game is going to be close, but LSU has the better team that will help winning more than 2 points. 

The game will not be a blowout, however, LSU will win the game over 2 points. One big statistic is LSU has averaged more total points than Mississippi State has, and has given up less points. The game will be close, but LSU will figure out a way to win the game and cover the spread.

LSU vs Mississippi State Prediction: MoneyLine

LSU (-131) is predicted to win the game against Mississippi State (+110). Both teams have looked good, but the main difference is LSU lost to a ranked team and Mississippi State didn’t. Both teams have impressive rosters and have a chance to make the top 25.

Both teams probably won’t make the playoffs, but both teams are good. The only reason we have LSU winning is how they played against UCLA, and the rest of their games. Plus, they lead in most important statistics, except total offense yard average per game.

A state I like is LSU is way more disciplined than their opponent. Mississippi has 32 penalties, where LSU only has 10, and Mississippi State doubles LSU on penalties yards. You can see why we have LSU, but what will be the final score?

LSU vs Mississippi State Prediction: Total Points

The expected total points look to be 56 points, and we think the game will finish over the expected score. We see the final score being LSU 45, to Mississippi State 38. Both teams have good offenses and play mediocre defense.

Also, both teams average more points per game than the total of this game, so we think this is an easy pick. Both teams’ quarterbacks also played amazing games last week, and the rushing games did not look bad either.

If both teams can keep their offense on track, and limit turnovers, both teams will have a field day in points. This will be one of the games where the team that wins, is the team that has the ball last. 

Prop Predictions

For LSU Max Johnsen will have around the same day as he did last week. He’ll have a game of 4 touchdown passes, and 350ish yards. Corey Knier will have 2 touchdowns and over 100 yards. 

Mississippi State’s Will Rogers will have another day where he has passed over 50 attempts. He gave 5 touchdowns and 400ish yards. The running backs will be inactive this entire game. 

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