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NBA Playoffs: The Teams With the Best Shot to Win the West

NBA Playoffs: The Teams With the Best Shot to Win the West

by William BerentsApril 15, 2023

The NBA Playoffs are here. Who will come out of the West?


NBA Playoffs: The Teams With the Best Shot to Win the West


The NBA Playoffs are finally upon us and look to be an absolutely riveting experience. The Eastern Conference, though it’s top-heavy, features multiple heavyweight contenders ready to do battle. The Western Conference is far more unpredictable, with several teams in the mix to make the Finals but not one emerging as a clear favorite.

Today I’m going to lay out the best teams in the West and who has the best shots to make the NBA Finals. Keep in mind this is not an exhaustive list of the best teams, just the ones with the best chances at making the Finals, in my opinion.


Denver Nuggets


Denver is definitely the safe choice to make the Finals due to them owning the top seed in the Western Conference, but don’t be too confident in them. They’ve been shaky against the NBA’s best teams and only earned the top seed because of the inconsistent conference.

However, they certainly shouldn’t be overlooked. Nikola Jokic, who may win his third straight MVP award, is as dominant a playmaker as ever. Not only can he find open teammates, but he shoots the ball with historic efficiency, making him one of the most dangerous weapons in the league. For the Nuggets to reach the Finals, he will have to play well every single night.


Memphis Grizzlies


Memphis is on this list because they’re the 2 seed in the west, but I really don’t see them making it far. The Grizzlies, despite a solid young core of dynamic players, are undisciplined and overconfident. They don’t play well under immense pressure, and I predict that they will continue in this year’s NBA playoffs.

Their first-round matchup against the Los Angeles Lakers is sure to be interesting. The Lakers are the 7 seed via the Play-In Tournament, but they’ve been playing a lot better recently. Many believe they have a real shot at upsetting Memphis in the first round.


Sacramento Kings


If the Kings make the Finals, it will be on the back of their historic offense. In fact, the Kings have the best offense in NBA history by offensive rating this season. While the league has been trending in that direction for a long time, that’s still an impressive feat.

The problem is their defense, and, as we know, defense wins championships. The playoffs are noticeably harder than the regular season, and I believe that will expose the Kings, even if they are able to get past Golden State.


Phoenix Suns


Phoenix had a rocky year, but things turned around when they acquired superstar forward Kevin Durant from the Nets. They are undefeated with him in the lineup. Clearly, the combination of Durant with Booker, Paul, and Ayton has proven to be effective.

The Suns really should make the Finals, as there’s nobody better than them on paper. However, Durant has not played with his new team very much, and chemistry is the most important thing come playoff time.

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