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Detailed NBA Finals Game 4 Prediction | Suns vs Bucks

Detailed NBA Finals Game 4 Prediction | Suns vs Bucks

by Amber WilliamsJuly 13, 2021

The Phoenix Suns lead the Milwaukee Bucks 2 – 1 in the quest to become the 2021 NBA Champions. The Suns took games one and two, scoring 118 in each matchup. The Bucks were back at home for game three and took advantage of the change of scenery to hammer home a 120-100 win. Tomorrow night will be the chance for the Bucks to tie the series or for the Suns to run away with a 3 – 1 lead, so let’s start rolling out our NBA Finals Game 4 prediction!

NBA Finals Game 4 Prediction

The series matchups have gone exactly like I predicted in my series preview. In keeping with my original predictions, I see the Suns taking game four. Devin Booker and the Suns are not happy with the momentum shift in the series and know they cannot let the Bucks take another win.

This is a crucial game because the Suns still hold the upper hand; however, if the Bucks snag another win in game four, it will be an even playing field.

The barrier for the Suns is that the Bucks are incredibly hard to beat at home. The Bucks fanbase is a powerful force and has the ability to shift the atmosphere in a stadium in a huge way.

The Suns are not ones to bow down in the face of pressure however; in the regular season the Suns put up an incredible away record of 24-12. They have shown they are not intimidated by a home-court advantage and I can see them overcoming the game three loss even in the Bucks territory.

Key Players – Suns

Chris Paul has been the points leader for two of the three series matchups, racking up a total of 74 points. Paul has added 26 assists as well. He is an instrumental part of this roster and is the offensive key for the Suns. Even in the game three loss he tacked on 19 points for the team.

Devin Booker has shown his offensive power in this series, scoring a total of 68 points. Booker led the scoring for his team in game two with 31 points and has had 13 rebounds against the Bucks in the finals.

The Suns are a powerful team; they house multiple players who are able to put up incredible numbers on offense and defense and that will be the key to their performance in game four.

Key Players – Bucks

Giannis Antetokounmpo has recovered marvelously from his injury and is the reason the Bucks took game three. Antetokounmpo had his lowest-scoring game of the series in game one and still was the second-highest scorer for the team with 20 points behind Khris Middletons 29.

In game two the Greek Freak exploded with 42 points, causing the Bucks to only lose by ten to the Suns. Game three was no different, proving he was well recovered when he propelled the Bucks to their first series victory with 41 points.

He is the key to this team and without him the Bucks would not be in the NBA finals and they would not have a chance of winning this series.

The Bucks do have other important assets to their team, including Khris Middleton and Jrue Holiday. Middleton is a star in his own sense; he led the team in points in the game one loss with 29.

Holiday has been very present on the board as well, coming in second for point scoring in two games of the series. Both of these players are important for the Bucks to stay competitors in this NBA finals.

Final Prediction: Phoenix Suns

It will not be easy for the Suns to take this game because it will be played in Milwaukee. The Bucks and Antetokounmpo are a force when playing on their home court and should not be counted out for this game. Still, the Suns are the ones who have something to prove after the game three loss and will take every opportunity to strike. The Suns will likely win this game to move the series 3 – 1 in their favor.

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