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Best Types of NBA Prop Bets

Best Types of NBA Prop Bets

by Rohan LullaMarch 1, 2023

NBA prop bets are always fun due to the numerous lines provided. It can be a fun way to get creative and make a variety of combinations for parlays. Many sports betting lovers love to create a long list of NBA prop bet parlays to try and hit a big win!

Here’s the list of some of my personal favorite prop bets to make or throw into a parlay.

Double-Double Bets

Personally, I love making double-double bets. I have a list of players I usually like to make this bet on. It is best to track players who are averaging at least a double-double to hit this bet. Players like Luka Doncic, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Nikola Jokic are amongst the top players on my list.

Be on the lookout for prime-time matches during the week! Prime-time games provide a great opportunity to hit this bet. Finding a star player who is capable of having a double-double game in a big matchup can prove to be a successful strategy. NBA stars are bound to have big performances on nationally televised games.

The double-double bets are my favorite to use during the playoffs. This is when players are playing their best basketball, and you tend to see high statistical numbers. When the pressure is on, this creates a great opportunity to take on this bet.

Points-Assists-Rebound Combination

The combination of a player’s total points, assists, and rebounds is always a fun bet to make. This can be used well even on players who are not at an All-star level. With certain players, the lines that bookmakers give are more favorable, and it can be easier to scope out solid odds.

You tend to see All-star caliber players have a much higher combination of these stats. This is usually where many lose. My best suggestion is to have a list of players who are averaging at least 15-20 points a game and can put up decent assist or rebound numbers. This way, you are not chasing a very high statistical combination that might seem hard to hit.

Stay away from scorers. Even the best players who mainly score might not be the best pick. Players like Devin Booker provide unbelievable scoring but might lack in assists or rebounds. You need a player who can be efficient enough to get a high number of assists or rebounds.

Player 3-Pointers

The NBA today has fully become dominated by the 3-pointer. Teams are shooting way more from deep and are relying on the 3 to win games more than ever. Selecting the over on 3-pointers is proving to be a profitable bet. The key is to find reliable and consistent 3-point shooters. More so, finding players who can shoot the 3 at above 40% is a favorable strategy to keep in mind.

Stay away from All-Star 3-point shooters; the lines seem to be very high on a nightly basis. Players like Jayson Tatum and Kevin Durant have very high 3-point overs, which the bookmakers know many users will still bet on.


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