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MLB Rookie of the Year Odds – The Oneil Cruz Effect

MLB Rookie of the Year Odds – The Oneil Cruz Effect

by Thomas BurchJuly 11, 2022

We have officially passed the halfway mark of the MLB season, and wow is it a good one. Some of the most competitive teams in baseball happen to be division rivals, and the intensity is at an all-time high.

The rookie class is one of the most exciting parts of the 2022 MLB season. The top of the class in both conferences have found their share of respect, and highlight performances to match.

As each rookie joins their major league team and shines in their own respect, one name popped up and caused a ripple throughout the baseball world. His name is Oneil Cruz.

With an incredible frame and power beyond belief, his ROTY stock shot from the ground up. He’s a freak of nature on the field and has physical dominance over all of his opposition.

Although his stats aren’t very efficient and his numbers may be on the lower end, he still manages to rank incredibly high in ROTY betting odds. He has shifted the landscape of this year’s race and has put the pieces in place to change the fan’s view on the Rookie of the Year award.

AL Rookie of the Year

According to Fanduel Sportsbook, the top 6 AL rookie of the year candidates are;

1. Julio Rodriguez -280
2. Jeremy Pena +600
3. Bobby Witt Jr. +1300
4. Adley Rutschman +3000
5. Joe Ryan +4000
6. Riley Greene +4500

Julio Rodriguez is maybe the best rookie in the league and is climbing up the rankings as a player in his own right. Although Pena and Witt are having respectable seasons, it’s hard to bet against Rodriguez and his production.

However, there is a group of radical fans saying that Oneil Cruz is superior to Rodriguez. Don’t listen to them. Rodriguez may not be the 6’7” powerhouse that Cruz is, but he’s a monster in his own regard and is well-deserving of the bets that are being placed on him.

NL Rookie of the Year

According to Fanduel Sportsbook, the top 6 NL rookie of the year candidates are;

1. Spencer Strider +200
2. Michael Harris +320
3. Oneil Cruz +550
4. Seiya Suzuki +1200
5. Nolan Gorman +1600
6. MacKenzie Gore +1700

Cruz is a special talent, yes. However, he has batted .213 since entering the majors this season, and having him at 3 shows how much natural talent is valued. His pick is a dangerous one, but if the media has enough influence, he may have more pull in the votes than we originally thought.

Cruz may not be performing incredibly statistically, but he has made a major impact on the MLB betting landscape. His big hits and hard throws catch the attention of the viewers and make the bettors believe. He has changed the course of the ROTY vote and is on a mission to the top.

The Oneil Cruz Effect

The ROTY races are crowded with pitchers and elite hitters alike. With Julio Rodriguez as an all-star and multiple players with an entire season of experience, Cruz and his 21 games played has somehow reached the top.

Even with his below-average numbers, his pure size, speed, and strength put him on the Rookie of the Year watchlist. The effect he has on the game is astronomical, and it may be detrimental with pure athleticism winning over playing ability. Oneil Cruz has drastically affected the ROTY award race this year and may shape a new landscape for rookies in the future.

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