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Braves vs Red Sox Prediction

Braves vs Red Sox Prediction

by Jack CohenMay 24, 2021

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The Boston Red Sox will host the Atlanta Braves at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts on May 25 for the start of their quick two-game duel. The two will meet for the first time and the Red Sox will look to continue their success with a quick disposal of the NL East third place team. The Braves, however, are coming off tremendous success against the Pirates and want to take their talents up against one of the best in baseball and prove they can hang with the toughest of them.

In the Braves’ last three games, they took down the Pirates three times with a run difference of thirty runs: 20-1, 7-1, and 6-1. The difference in skill between the Pirates and Red Sox is quite different, but that performance shows us the Braves know how to handle business. The question, though, is can they do the same against a possible World Series favorite.

Braves Way to Win

The Braves need a full team effort; it is not going to be enough for Acuna to create momentum and be dangerous. The Braves are going to need a full lineup and a full effort to beat the Red Sox who are as deep as they come. Pitching will need to remain on and the bullpen cannot be a problem. Atlanta has one of the best pitching starting staff when it comes to getting good quality starts. After all, they rank fourth in it, but the relief has made the ship wobble a few too many teams.

Offensively, speed on the base paths. The Braves are going to need each player on base to be purposeful. Quick and decisive and threatening. The Red Sox play fundamental baseball and mistakes are few, baserunners need to be fast to really squeeze every inch out of the Red Sox mistakes. Make them scared to have runners on. Make them worry, and that is how the Braves squeeze a win or two out of these two, late-May games.

Red Sox Way to Win

The Red Sox need their bullpen to be successful as well. They are a better team than the Braves and they know it. There isn’t a starting matchup they can’t go into confidently. This one has Garret Richards on the mound for them and he has won three of his last three starts. At home, his ERA stretches on the high side to 7.11, but the Red Sox can be sure he will get them going. The trick is going to be making sure the relief comes in well and keeps the train rolling. No slow of momentum and the Sox will continue their dominance.

Braves vs Red Sox Prediction

The Red Sox success is unmatched and teams occasionally peck at them. Games can go close, but the Sox always pulls them out. They are 29-19 and have simply played fantastic baseball. However, if the Braves are going to take down the Red Sox this year it may come right here with their high confidence post-Pirates series. Definitely a close game, but the Sox still come out on top.

Prediction: Boston Red Sox 7 Atlanta Braves 4

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