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Best Bets for MLB Futures Odds to Win the World Series

Best Bets for MLB Futures Odds to Win the World Series

by Jack CohenJune 8, 2021

Halfway through the season. It’s time to take a look at MLB futures and see where the best odds are for future bets on the World Series Winner. Teams are starting to solidify their positions in top and one off winners are sinking lower into power rankings and standings. Interestingly enough, right now, the Dodgers still have the best odds at +333 (BetMGM), but recent performances and an overwhelmingly disappointing defense points to that bet as surely not worth it.

The Dodgers had similar odds last year and they proceeded to go ahead and win it all, so follow history if you want. But back-to-back doesn’t seem too likely for them right now, but the Rays might be worth a decent look?

Best Bets for MLB Futures: Giants

This is the steal of the post. I know it’s not entirely wise to look at the overall standings right now and make a decision based on that, and this decision isn’t, but BetMGM has the Giants at +3500 which is an objectively good bet to make. They are severely undervalued in that position.

The Giants are first in the NL West which is the best division in baseball. Not only have they stuck with the Dodgers and Padres who were World Series frontrunners at the beginning of the season, but they’ve surpassed them and look to be in really good form. Longoria just got hurt, so they’ll suffer in the upcoming. Holding onto first place is a tall order, but if they can make it into the playoffs through the wild card even, the Giants will make even the Dodgers sweat. I mean, they just won three out of four games away against the Dodgers in their series a week ago.

Best Bets for MLB Futures: Padres

The Padres are one of the favorites, and they sit in second place to the Giants in the NL West right now, but the Padres are my best team in baseball and they have +700 odds. The odds are accurate, but they’re still decent. One of these NL West teams ends up in the World Series, and anything can happen on that stage, but the Padres have the consistency to get there.

They do all the little things right and that’s what makes them a great bet. They have the best bullpen in baseball and they steal the most bases. It doesn’t win games, but when you have all-star bats and pitching in your lineup, it’s the cherry on top.

Best Bets for MLB Futures: Rays

The Rays, who are definitely one of the scariest teams to go up against simply because they know how to win games. +1500 odds on their World Series win is fantastic. They’re going to make the playoffs for sure at this rate even in the tough AL East. They don’t blow people away on the statistics and they’re not a big spending ball club, but hitting three home runs in a game doesn’t automatically grant you a win.

$5 for an $80 payout on a team that is leading the AL East and American League at this point in the season and only seem to be getting better is a no brainer. They keep gaining confidence and they keep stringing together hits into runs and they keep winning games. They look like a World Series winning team right now and as long as they don’t run into injuries, they should stay that way.

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